When a man orgasms and does not ejaculate, his energy stays in his Masculine: determined, focused and powerful. But if he ejaculates his energy will most likely switch into his Feminine. The drive goes, the feeling that he can knock down walls with his fists subsides, the man becomes softer, and depending on his mood, this can be enjoyable and pleasurable, he might feel inspired and creative, intuitive, or if he needs a lot of inner healing and integration he might just want to sleep.

The woman’s polarity is also likely to switch from being receptive and in a place of surrender, to being focused with a sense of strength and power, which was possibly not her original desire. She will interpret the Masculine energy in that moment, as we all do, in her own unique way:
– Maybe she starts planning tomorrow, her holiday or some other event.
– Maybe she lays in silence and enjoys the shift in her energy, her polarity, just feeling it all in her body with no judgment of Masculine or Feminine – She might become needy, feeling like she needs something or someone to focus her energy and love into so turns back to the man with a desire akin to worship. A common imagine is of the man rolling over to sleep while the woman lays in bed feeling energised, staring at the ceiling for a few hours.

When a woman orgasms the energy is the same so she moves more into her Feminine, surrendering and softening even more.

For a man to move back into his Masculine, it really helps when the woman he has just been intimate with orgasms, releasing his power and allowing their polarities to shift back. But for many women the problem is they feel unable to do this when their sense of Masculinity feels more dominant and powerful than the mans. The subconscious fear is the act of switching polarities in that moment runs the risk of decreasing both of their potentials instead of increasing them, this perspective is mostly governed by our beliefs and which can be changed but generally not over night.
Unfortunately for many, this means the man needs to go into the stresses of life, taking on pain and suffering until the woman feels that he is strong enough for her to surrender again. But if the man always ejaculates and the woman does not then this cycle of stress before sex will be their cycle throughout the partnership or marriage, thus for the man sex becomes stress-relief often leaving the women disappointed. This cultural trend has definitely been changing over recent years but still a truth for many.

When a man orgasms but does not ejaculate he is able to stay in his power which allows the woman to surrender more.
And when a woman orgasms and the man does not ejaculate the same happens.
When a woman orgasms and the man ejaculates this brings them closer to a sense of oneness offering a feeling spiritual fulfilment. This can be healthy as long as both parties have enough differences between themselves (the kinds of differences that attract each other) and a strong sense of individualisation and a healthy ego. Unless the aim is to transcend the physical plane our ego is important as are our differences.
This connection between two people (straight or gay) is energetic so it’s not reliant on physical penetration or even being in the same room or country. – Many men (and less women) often unconsciously give their energy away into pornography and fantasy moving them into their immature and shadow traits. – While some women (and less men) are able to trust and surrender which supports others (men and woman) to move back into their healthy Mature Masculine.

For men who never or rarely ejaculate they can create a lot of power and energy, often more than they know what to do with. For these men it’s important to learn other ways to move into and access their Feminine. Just as it’s important for woman with such men to learn how to move into their Masculine. Our sexuality is key to working with polarity even if we are choosing to be single or celibate.

How this most fundamental dynamic plays out in each of us can be so unique. – Men should generally beware of women who move them into their Feminine and no support to move back them back into their Masculine, as this reduces a persons energy and their level of conscious awareness.
– Women should generally beware of men who both stop them from experiencing their Masculine or always put them into it.

The more aware and mindful we become of how our sexuality moves us between our inner polarities the more we can use this energy within ourselves through self-pleasuring and acts of self-love.
It is great to do this with another person, a partner, but being able to find the depths of our Mature Feminine’s creativity and then move our energy back into our Mature Masculine’s purpose driven nature to follow through on it and see it in the world is such a gift.
I’d encourage you to explore and notice the subtle changes in your inner world after sexual activity with your self and/or with others and then see how you can build on these subtle differences to better understand your personal polarity and how you evolve and develop it.
There are no right answers when working with polarity in this way and we are all free to program our minds to work as we wish, but the universal laws of polarity and duality will always be working to pull us back into balance.

Unpublished excerpts from “Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work” by @elliottsaxby

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