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Masculine & Feminine integrative easter retreat
10th - 17th April 2020, Lake Constance, Switzerland

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  • Sessions are designed to integrate your masculine and feminine polarities while helping you develop self-love, self-acceptance, forgiveness and compassion.
  • Release trauma and emotions that hold you back in life.
  • There is no difference between spiritual energy, sexual energy, and healing energy. The difference is our intention and what we do with it.
  • Sessions are fully clothed with hands-on and hands-off energetic touch.
  • The multi-orgasmic sessions are not about mental fantasy or reaching orgasm. They create a deeper more loving relationship with yourself and teach you how to cultivate your own inner Chi. The techniques help you to move away from sex in the mind where thoughts and images are more arousing than sensations in the body. You will release shame and guilt towards your sexuality if you still have any, and learn to spread pleasure throughout your physical body and into your etheric/energetic body.

Body de-armouring and emotional detox

In a session I work with a variety of techniques from different modalities including: breathwork; trauma release; emotional release; body de-armouring; various schools of energy work and pressure points for different energy systems; masculine and feminine polarity work, and other tools to help you release physical and emotional pain.

Building a multi-orgasmic body

In the first few sessions, more pain and trauma is released, and you will learn the basics of breathwork and other techniques. In later sessions, you will learn how to develop your own energetic body so that every cell can vibrate. This creates new information in the body and allows the experience of self-love and happiness in on the cellular level. Which in turn brings more energy, health, clarity and, success into your life.

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  • Nina, Zurich Nina, Zurich
    The session with you was a tremendous experience for me. Never before have I been able to let myself go and let my body do that. I felt safe and cared for by you. Thank you so much!! And I could feel that there are a lot of traumatic experiences still present in my body and a big NO for the life I have. This was important for me to feel and to hear from myself. I did so many therapeutic things in my life to be able to be present and to get in touch with others but the session with you was one of the most important things I ever did. Thank you so much for it, for your presence and for your care. love
  • Andrea Andrea
    I’ve had 3 sessions so far and feel great after each session, lighter and lighter. You really do a great job and I certainly will come again. You create an atmosphere of trust, that allows people to open completely and that is, I suppose, very important for this kind of work. The body can express itself and let go, without the mind controlling it. And traumas and blockades can go very easily. Thank you for your work All the best
  • Melanie, Switzerland Melanie, Switzerland
    “The session with Elliott has been very deep, moving stuff which have not been moved before. The way he works is profound and I could feel the huge experience he has. From the first moment I felt at ease and without pressure. Letting go of emotions and just feeling what comes up is not easy but with the guidance of Elliott, it became as natural as it could be. The feelings created inside the bodies – the emotional, physical and mental bodies – where indescribable. Thank you Elliott for this unique and liberating experience. I feel cleansed and energised, more clear and focused with a beautiful happiness”.
  • Ursula from Zurich, Switzerland Ursula from Zurich, Switzerland
    I’m having my first uneventful period in 30 years. No pain, no cramps, no out of whack crabbiness, no nothing. I know this is TMI but it might be a pointer for your clients who have painful menstrual cycles like I usually have/had. Body De-Armouring is truly amazing. Much love,
  • Anke, Freiburg, Germany Anke, Freiburg, Germany
    “Elliott is a great and very mindful therapist. He was recommended to me by a friend so I was in a flap before our first appointment. But from the moment I saw him I knew I was safe and well-accompanied on my journey to self-love. He was there with full attention and a very big heart. Already in my first session we released so much trauma that at the end of the session I knew how it was to love myself – even with a few extra pounds. That didn’t matter in the end. Because I felt it from deep inside. Elliott moves forward in the right tempo always being at your side and pushing the right buttons.  The homework he gave me between sessions was very helpful to integrate the new state of being in everyday life. I am very grateful for Elliott’s work. Every woman should do this. It would for sure help the planet to become more a peaceful place! Thank you so much!”.
  • Manuela Manuela
    I’m more than thankful for this experience, I always felt safe and in good hands. I could open up. After the session I felt so light and tired at the same time. I could feel that I lost some ballast especially on my chest, which I was carrying for too long. I’ve been trying to be good to myself as you said and to remember all the exercises and breathing techniques which you showed me. I’m glad I’ve got some (coping) strategies to shake things off:) I feel that I now know things better regarding the different bodies and it’s clear to me now for the first time. It’s a long journey but the first step is done. Many thanks Kind regards
  • Fay, London Fay, London
    Elliott was incredibly professional and skilful. His ability to hold the space, without judgement, and with clear boundaries, has helped me to release a huge amount of negative emotions. It allowed me to feel and express anger in a way I have never done in my life. I truly felt like I had let go of some very old trauma and I felt much lighter after the session – for days. I would definitely recommend working with Elliott if you are drawn to this type of energetic bodywork.
  • U.M, Zürich U.M, Zürich
    Thank you for session 3. It was a good confirmation of how much trauma release has been done. A lot of painful spots were gone, specially the ones on the surface and I had the impression that we worked on the deeper muscles, for example in the liver area. But the big surprise for me was that we worked on areas that were so painful last time, and now they are not only neutral but stored with happiness. Imagine how cool it would be to have that everywhere? As nurse I can say you are a very brave person. I know how uncomfortable it can become when you push someones trigger and you do that literally the whole time. You are very good in catching this situations and I feel attended. So I’m looking forward to the next session
  • Patricia, Z. Zürich Patricia, Z. Zürich
    First i really want to say thank you from my heart for your great work- all your knowledge and wisdom- i am very fascinated about your work and would like to learn and know more- because i always kind of felt that there was so much about the body but couldn’t name it or feel it right…. I felt so stuck and like black inside, and after your session you really cleaned a lot and like released a lot, that i can move on again, although i have still lots of question…and work to do. Very positive for me was that you never let me drift off- always you brought me  back in my body with breathing…. i felt protected by you, because  i could experience, that you know how to deal with negativity …with shamanic wisdom.
  • Katrin Katrin
    From the first moment, I felt, I could trust you and could expose a lot of my dark places. You gently but also very straightforward cracked me open, so light could get in through the cracks. I was very impressed how you managed to navigate that fine line between too easy and too challenging. Your perception of where I was at, was very precise at any given moment. I could fully trust that you would see me and not cross my boundaries but gently but firmly push and extend them. I never felt any shame. This is amazing, because a lot of what I exposed would make me feel ashamed in other circumstances. Even though it might have appeared otherwise, I experienced happiness in this exposure. So again: vulnerability plus trust equals bliss. It takes somebody who is very well aware of his own self and crystal clear in his perception of the other. Someone who can watch from a higher ground, neutral but compassionate, fully present at all times. I was amazed, that every time I opened my eyes, I would meet yours, I knew you where with me in this journey, holding the space, I was not alone. Your way of working directly with the body cuts right through a lot of the bs that we tell ourselves and others. The body never lies and who can read it and talk to it has a direct healing line that can bypass years of talking therapies.
  • Kirsty (yoga teacher, London) Kirsty (yoga teacher, London)
    I recently had a body de armouring session with Elliott. It was a profound experience. I had been feeling anxiety in my system and there were some specific fears and traumas held in my body. I felt really safe to talk to Elliott about this. He helped me to release a lot in the session. The following days I felt a lot of energy. The following weeks much shifted in my life. I feel empowered and grateful for this session Thank you.
  • Business manager, Zürich Business manager, Zürich
    The massage was a great experience. Elliott helped me to learn more about my body and the energies inside me. He created a nice atmosphere where I felt safe and I experienced more than I knew before. I wish every woman to have that kind of experience in her life.
  • Nancy, Switzerland Nancy, Switzerland
    I’ve already had 4 sessions with Elliott and visited one of his workshop. Every single session felt a bit life-changing. Before I met Elliott, I knew, that there was still a lot of trauma and pain deep inside me. I wished to let it go but had no idea how, and I had no idea of how light and vibrant the body would feel without all the old stuff, or how much energy this letting go would create in my life! After releasing emotions and trauma in session one and two, the third session was one of the most pleasureful energetical things I have experienced. I have no words for that what it was 🙂 But this strong feminine power energy carried me over several weeks and let me glow 🙂 The fourth session was a kind of detoxing. Elliott uncovered a point that I was holding on so tight, I did not dare to show, did not dare to come to the surface… But it came. And over days my body started a real detox. It is amazing how professional Elliott can handle and transform all these emotions and energies that the clients set free. Elliott, I thank you so much that you share your biggest gift with us.
  • Public services, Project manager, London Public services, Project manager, London
    I have recently discovered body de-armouring. I think the treatments are empowering, liberating and beautiful. I have recommend the treatment to friends and to my Phisyo therapist as I believe knowing the power/energy within us can make us happier people. The body has amazing powerful resources. It would be great if it was considered a fundamental therapeutic treatment and therefore funded by the NHS.
  • T.V, London T.V, London
    Elliott’s session is confident, fluent and deeply caring, his natural abilities adds enormously to the healing. I wouldn’t change a thing in his practice, I trusted him to feel into what my body needed. I can’t recommend him enough, he holds the space in an incredible way and is very honouring. I felt completely safe and he gives 110%. His energy is gentle and deeply caring. I know many friends who could benefit from this very special treatment.
  • Sarah Sarah
    I felt very much at ease right from the beginning of our session. I did not know what to expect and was a bit nervous at the start, but the nervousness drifted away very quickly. I did not have to say much because you knew where you had to work on also without me saying it. This makes you a truly gifted healer and I am therefore very happy that my friend ……… recommended you to me. There was no moment where I felt uncomfortable, even though the feelings of sadness that came up where sometimes a bit overwhelming. But I felt safe throughout the whole time. A few days after the treatment I can honestly say that I feel you helped me more in one session than all the years of talking therapy have. I’m doing the breathing exercise you showed me beside the meditation I started and I think that I am really and finally on the right path towards self-love. Thanks with all my heart for this. All the best for you and see you again soon 🙂
  • Full time mum, Bristol, U.K Full time mum, Bristol, U.K
    I highly recommend Elliott as a practitioner. Elliott was very respectful of my body and emotions and spirit and had a vast amount of knowledge regarding trauma healing and the body. I felt totally comfortable within Elliott’s hands and it was a fab dance together and when waves of my pain came up and out he was able to recognise and help me release them. It was a very magical session and it has shifted things for me that’s for sure. Deep gratitude for the time, energy and love.
  • Courtney, Zürich Courtney, Zürich
    I already feel different. I don’t feel as anxious about being myself and speaking my mind. I presented to my company’s CEO and had 3 interviews all where I felt relaxed and was just myself and not over thinking or having a critical internal voice. I still have the digestion issues but for the most part that doesn’t bother me so much anymore. I think now that I understand what “emotional release” is I will be more relaxed for the next session. Thank you for all that you do.  I cannot explain what a relief it is to not feel all the anxiety I did before. Kind regards,
  • Belinda, Zurich Belinda, Zurich
    Dear Elliott, Thank you so much for the session last week. I found the session incredible. Following the session I felt incredibly calm and at peace, and energized in a calm way. I still feel very ‚serene‘ which I attribute to our session on Thursday. I would really like to continue the work with you, and I‘m really looking forward to seeing you again then. Huge thanks again for everything, and see you in March,

In a session Elliott works with breathwork, trauma release, emotional release, body de-armouring, and pressure points for different energy systems. He charges your chakras, cleanses your aura, and helps wake up and activate your energetic body. Removing the blocks that stop you from being multi-orgasmic. He also offer a non-dualistic view to life and self-development through Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work, and teaches you how to activate your Kundalini energy.

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