Energetic Bodywork

Body De-armouring & Energetic Bodywork

Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, life force energy, and build a multi-orgasmic body


Zurich, Switzerland -- 4th July to 7th August

Freiburg, Germany -- 13th to 31st August

Zurich, Switzerland -- 4th September to 2nd October

London, England -- TBC

Body de-armouring and emotional detox

In a session I work with a variety of techniques from different modalities including: breathwork; trauma release; emotional release; body de-armouring; masculine and feminine polarity work; pressure points for different energy systems; and other tools to help you release physical and emotional pain.

Building a multi-orgasmic body

In the first few sessions, more pain and trauma is released, and you will learn the basics of breath work and other techniques. In later sessions, I will teach you how to develop your own energetic body so that every cell can vibrate and orgasm. This creates new information in the body and allows the experience of self-love and happiness in on the cellular level. Which in turn brings more energy, health, clarity and, success into your life.

  • Sessions are designed to integrate your masculine and feminine polarities while helping you to fall in love with yourself.
  • Release trauma and emotions that hold you back in life.
  • There is no difference between spiritual energy, sexual energy, and healing energy. The difference is our intention and what we do with it.
  • Sessions are fully clothed with hands-on and hands-off energetic touch.
  • The multi-orgasmic sessions are not about mental fantasy or reaching orgasm. They create a deeper more loving relationship with yourself and teach you how to cultivate your inner chi. The techniques help you to move away from sex in the mind where thoughts and images are more arousing than sensations in the body. You will learn to spread pleasure throughout your physical body and eventually into your etheric energetic body.
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“The session with you was a tremendous experience for me.
Never before have I been able to let myself go and let my body do that. I felt safe and cared for by you. Thank you so much!!
And I could feel that there are a lot of traumatic experiences still present in my body and a big NO for the life I have. This was important for me to feel and to hear from myself.

I did so many therapeutic things in my life to be able to be present and to get in touch with others but the session with you was one of the most important things I ever did. Thank you so much for it, for your presence and for your care.


Nina, Zurich

"From the first moment, I felt, I could trust you and could expose a lot of my dark places. You gently but also very straightforward cracked me open, so light could get in through the cracks.
I was very impressed how you managed to navigate that fine line between too easy and too challenging. Your perception of where I was at, was very precise at any given moment. I could fully trust that you would see me and not cross my boundaries but gently but firmly push and extend them.
I never felt any shame. This is amazing, because a lot of what I exposed would make me feel ashamed in other circumstances.
Even though it might have appeared otherwise, I experienced happiness in this exposure.
So again: vulnerability plus trust equals bliss.

It takes somebody who is very well aware of his own self and crystal clear in his perception of the other. Someone who can watch from a higher ground, neutral but compassionate, fully present at all times. I was amazed, that every time I opened my eyes, I would meet yours, I knew you where with me in this journey, holding the space, I was not alone.

Your way of working directly with the body cuts right through a lot of the bs that we tell ourselves and others. The body never lies and who can read it and talk to it has a direct healing line that can bypass years of talking therapies".


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In a session Elliott works with breathwork, trauma release, emotional release, body de-armouring, pressure points for different energy systems, chakra balancing, and aura cleansing, to help you wake up and activate your energetic body, removing the blocks that stop you from being multi-orgasmic.