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  • I went to see Elliott not knowing exactly what to expect but based on his website, videos and bio I felt drawn to him assisting me in healing work.

    During the session, Elliott made me feel very comfortable, was very informative about what was going to happen and what to do if I wanted at any time to stop. I personally felt I had a lot of blocked energy that needed to come out and its hard for me to let go of control and because of this, we only got to the surface of my blocks but I did notice a change in my body and feelings later that evening and the next days since the energetic bodywork and healing was done. I feel more at peace inside and much calmer in how I respond to things and I am more loving to myself.

    I am so looking forward to the next session and hope that we have super progress!

    Thank you for you Elliott, I am happy you have been guided to me. 🙏🏼
    Patty Switzerland
  • I very much liked working with Elliott. He was clear and kind in guiding me through the session.

    I loved how he brought ease to exercises which were difficult for me to adapt to.

    His presence, body and energy helped me to find a natural flow of breathing, and willingness to be present with whatever came up.

    I’ve never felt intense anger while at at the same time peace and relaxation. It ended in a feeling of total pleasure with my body vibrating differently. I felt like I had more space and purified.

    I am very grateful to have had experienced. Totally different from other bodywork I know.

    With gratitude
  • Dear Elliott

    Oh i am so in love with you and your work, i really enjoyed the whole weekend.

    It’s hard to inspire and convince me but you did 😃

    I really want to learn how you work, so I’m looking forward to a training in this. Perhaps I’ll come to the April Workshop too.

    I had touching realisations about my past and the last exercise left me feeling so deeply that i am love, i am loved and i am open for love.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all.

    Hugh hug in gratitude
  • It was also a great pleasure for me to experience this beautiful session. I am so grateful.

    Sincerely, it is the first time after a long time ago that I felt protected and taken care of by someone, this feeling opened my heart even more.
    I am now aware that in my old memories (traumas) it was so attached to the idea that I was not worthy to be loved, for some reason It was very difficult to accept myself.

    Now my body feels lighter, full of high vibration, my heart became more delicate and at the same time powerful. I am more kind to my self in a few words I was reborn again.

    I just can smile with full of gratitude 🙂 🙂 🙂 and tears come of joy and so much LOVE.

    Thank very much again and see you soon.

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  1. I went to see Elliott not knowing exactly what to expect but based on his website, videos and bio I felt drawn to him assisting me in healing work.

    During the session, Elliott made me feel very comfortable, was very informative about what was going to happen and what to do if I wanted at any time to stop. I personally felt I had a lot of blocked energy that needed to come out and its hard for me to let go of control and because of this, we only got to the surface of my blocks but I did notice a change in my body and feelings later that evening and the next days since the energetic bodywork and healing was done. I feel more at peace inside and much calmer in how I respond to things and I am more loving to myself.

    I am so looking forward to the next session and hope that we have super progress!
    Thank you for you Elliott, I am happy you have been guided to me. 🙏🏼

  2. What a wonderful and transforming Weekend Workshop.

    I feel like a butterfly-angel on earth <3
Thanks a lot Elliott Saxby and the hole workshop group.

  3. Such a deep and clarifying session. Much has been transformed and, above all, opened. A familiar atmosphere and powerful work! TOP

    So eine tiefe und klärende Session. Vieles hat sich transformiert und vor allem eröffnet. Eine vertraute Atmosphäre und kraftvolle Arbeit! TOP

  4. I very much liked working with Elliott. He was clear and kind in
    guiding me through the session.
    I loved how he brought ease to exercises which were difficult for me to adapt to.

    His presence, body and energy helped me to find a natural flow of breathing, and willingness to be present with whatever came up.

    I’ve never felt intense anger while at at the same time peace and relaxation. It ended in a feeling of total pleasure with my body vibrating differently. I felt like I had more space and purified.

    I am very grateful to have had experienced. Totally different from other bodywork I know.

    With gratitude

  5. Hi Elliot

    The session was indeed painful. But i felt good after. I was almost 4 years in chronic back pain. After your session and the excerises you showed me i felt so good that i even could run 🙂 that was something which made me really happy and i thought that would not be possible for a long time.

    Im now enjoying the new found freedom in running. I agree that your therapy is benefiting me alot and i want to continue working with you.

    Kind regards,

    I‘ve learned a lot and integrated a lot of things in my life. Thanks to your work I was able to start running and cycling and stop smoking. My life quality of life has increased a lot. Because you haven given me so much in these three sessions I feel that it’s best I tackle things by myself now. It was very heartwarming to meet you and I really enjoyed our sessions a lot.

    Thanks again Elliot for everything you have done for me <3
    I will never forget and will always remember you as a friend who helped me to navigate in the right direction 🙂

    May our paths cross again in future.

    Kind regards,

  6. Dear Elliott,

    Thank you so much for your feedback on the second session. This session had a great impact and I felt really grounded right afterwards, connected with mother earth.
    I keep grounding myself with the meditation you gave me.

    I’ve also been working on this connection of life and death as you explained it. This is very important to me at the moment and gives me a sense of relief.
    Thank you for these absolutely wonderful sessions that continues to have long-lasting healing effects.

    Best wishes,

  7. Dear Elliott,
    thank you for your support during the workshop. 
    The exercises were great and it was a pleasure to learn. I liked the partner and small group work very much. 
    I’d like to come onto to the Kundalini weekend in April.

    Have a nice day!

  8. It was a great workshop.
    Thank you for bringing your knowledge your love, mindfulness and dedication in that space you‘ve created and hold for us.
    You really should offer an education

  9. Dear Elliott
    Oh i am so in love with you and your work, i really enjoyed the whole weekend.

    It’s hard to inspire and convince me but you did 😃
    I really want to learn how you work, so I’m looking forward to a training in this. Perhaps I’ll come to the April Workshop too.
    I had touching realisations about my past and the last exercise left me feeling so deeply that i am love, i am loved and i am open for love.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all.
    Hugh hug in gratitude

  10. Elliott offered powerful knowledge that I feel can apply to every moment of my life.
    I found his guidance centered and focused, yet it allowed space for me to tap into my emotional currents. I found my emotions with a single body exercise, and in this space, they could flow like they wanted.
    My breathing habits have changed significantly, and now my body feels open and flowing with energy.
    Thank you for a wonderful workshop, Elliott.

  11. Dear Elliott!

    Workshop was amazing! Have so much energy and I feel it everywhere.
    Enjoying life!

    Much love and thanks again 🙂

  12. Thank you so much Elliott

    It feels sooo good in my body. I can feel again. And I see how precious this beautiful, deep work that you bring into the world is. And you do it with so much love …. your are such a beautiful man and soul.

  13. Thank you so much, Elliott, for the beautiful sessions. Every time I walk out of one of your sessions I feel a ton lighter and amazed at how much can be released in a few hours.
    You use a gentle and loving approach, but when needed are unafraid to be confronted with the rough stuff. I feel like I’m completely safe in your hands. I’ve only had positive experiences in the aftermath of your sessions, my life has become more harmonious and carefree. Thank you.

    All the best,

  14. Fourth session:
    Thank you so much. A had little anger come up in the afternoon but after that and especially on Saturday I felt sooo liberated and free, full of bliss and love. It felt, like a release of something old, like I let go of an old coat I was wearing and I could step out of it.

    Thanks again,

    Warm regards

  15. It was also a great pleasure for me to experience this beautiful session. I am so grateful.

    Sincerely, it is the first time after a long time ago that I felt protected and taken care of by someone, this feeling opened my heart even more.
    I am now aware that in my old memories (traumas) it was so attached to the idea that I was not worthy to be loved, for some reason It was very difficult to accept myself.

    Now my body feels lighter, full of high vibration, my heart became more delicate and at the same time powerful. I am more kind to my self in a few words I was reborn again.

    I just can smile with full of gratitude 🙂 🙂 🙂 and tears come of joy and so much LOVE.

    Thank very much again and see you soon.

  16. In this session, I was able to trust even more than the last and I experienced how to listen to my body and how to be aware of its’ sensations. I felt more connected to my body. I learned that bodywork for me has not to be hard work but can also be natural, easy, flowing, in many waves, with playfulness, enjoying release very much. I am proud that I was willing to trust and to work on the outer yoni and the lower belly and was surprised how much sharp and deep pain is to find there. In the end I really liked lying with one hand on the heart an one hand on the belly region it felt good and whole.

    Have a beautiful day,
    kindest greetings from Freiburg,

  17. It was a great workshop, thank you for doing this work.
    I felt very light, calm and full of energy afterwards
    Love that:-)

    So sad, I can not come to the workshop in February

  18. Thank you for the workshop and healing experience. I’ve been curious since I first read about and watched your videos. I will for sure mention it to others and book a private session


  19. Appreciated Elliott’s workshop so much. Wonderful guidance and energy which created such a delightful space to dive deep…
    best greetings

  20. Thank you so much for your wonderful follow-up. It was nice to meet you, too, and the session has brought about some changes that I’m implementing in my life now (especially regarding self-love practice and breathing techniques), so it really had value, yes. I feel that I’m connecting more to myself again, which got a bit lost over the last few months.

    I’m really looking forward to the next session in February

    Best wishes,

  21. Dear Elliott

    Thank you for your follow up.

    Since last time the pain in my left elbow, which was there for more than six month, is gone.

    So step by step I am progressing and I really feel lighter.

    Thank you for your great work. Have a nice time and see you in January.

    Kind regards

  22. Elliott Saxby – to my knowledge a unique approach to free blocked emotional energy in the body through orgasmic body work triggered by breathing techniques and much more.

    We were with him as partners and he guided the process for both of us. He managed to bring our masculine and feminine polarity much closer to each other.

    Being fairly conscious about many things including how psycho-drama works, he made it possible for me to let go of control, release tension and feel adequately guided.
    Touched and triggered in every single moment – I felt deep trust to receive his impulses and follow them.
    In the end a deep katharsis, feeling of liberation, of having done an intense work with some natural exhaustion.

    In our communication as a couple after the session with Elliott we felt deeply connected.

  23. Dear Elliot,

    Thank you for summarizing the session, it was really good and I feel already a change in my life 🙂
    I am looking forward to learn more in the next session.

    Liebe Grüsse

  24. It was a very good session and experience for me. It has helped me to keep more attention on my breathing and to take better care of my body in different ways.
    Your are a good people loving therapist, who really gives his best for the people he helps.
    Thank you very much, I really felt save and welcome.
    take care

  25. Thank you for your follow up, it was great to go back in to the energy and think about the session.

    I had a great session with you and it feels like I have arrived more in my body. The first two days after the session I felt good and then I was tired and sore for about two days.
    Now all is back to being good again and I realised after the 5 Rhythm dancing I attended yesterday, that I am more at home in my body and also more self confident with how I dance and how I engage with the opposite sex. I had a mind blowing experience with a woman during the dance.   

    All the best, love and light 

  26. thank you for the nice workshop and session 🙂
    I feel that it has changed somethings in my life.
    It helped a lot to understand and let go of things in the past, and to see things from a new perspective. I felt some emotions that I haven’t felt for a long time.
    Its amazing to experience the effects energy can have on the body… so much more than just talking about or analysing certain problems.
    Warm regards

  27. I want to thank you so much for this amazing workshop. Me and my body felt very safe with your work . You and the group created an open space for more possibilities and healing.
    My body liked the breathing and shaking, touching and very important the connecting to the earth. Afterwards I felt relaxed and open, really recognising my connection and energy in my lower chakras. My stomach was very relaxed.


  28. Hello Elliott, I want to thank you again for the workshop. It really meant a lot to me. I needed to learn how to release the energy because it has been building up inside me and is so intense that it can actually hurt.
    When you were introducing the topics of energy I related to everything you said, so it was great to hear how much of what I experienced is true for others. 

    Thanks again, and all the best

  29. I’d like to thank you so much for your time and the session we had.
    It was another life changer for me and I’m still reeling, in a good way, from it.

    I felt great on Sunday, no pain and or fatigue like last time. I’ve been very conscious about my breathing and self care, self love. Long may it continue. 

    Warmest wishes,

  30. Thank you for your beautiful deep work.

    The session was deep and releasing.
    I’ve had abdominal pains for many years and in this session, I had the feeling we touched ground and released deep stuff, that has been with me since birth and always causing some sadness. I had two clear past life insights…which explained a lot of my tensions around male-female trust.

    The release left my body with a feeling of silence, wholeness and being one with all. Very beautiful. The next days I basically had a feeling of void in my solar plexus, it felt calm, and without impulses. Like a big vessel which emptied and was now ready to be filled. In part like a loss of all identity… who I am? I don t now what spirit will fill into this vessel. A bizzarre place of unknowing. That lasted about a week. Afterwards came feelings of connectedness and a whole lot of energy was moving through me. Lightness followed.
    Today I feel heavy and sad again. But I also have time so It can be there. So I go with that, allowing and trusting. Getting a feeling that there could be more forgiveness work between the male and female parts in me.

    Also my body need less food which is interesting!

    Thank you deeply for those impulses you gave to my system. I will book again.

    Doing the shaking and energy practices each morning has been really good for me so I will stick with them

    Take care!

  31. In the beginning of the session I was a little nervous. The exercises for the feminine where challenging, because I wanted to control what I was doing more.
    I could feel, that my body allowed more energy to run through it by the end of the session. It’s now easier for me to go back into this state, because my body has the memory. I know that my body has many strategies to stop the flow of energy, but now I have more consciousness about it, and I’m hopeful that it changes.

  32. Thank you so much for your summary – you really do a lot of work for your clients!

    The days after I felt so much in peace with myself and it felt, like I can achieve everything in life. I went with a lot of trust and peace through that week, very centred. I did not have any reactions on the body the day after. I felt very comfortable. After 6 days some of the pieces and anxieties showed up, which helped me to understand more clearly in which areas I should keep working on.

    As a therapist myself I then gave myself a treatment. It helped a lot and it is interesting that the same major points of releasing in your session, reacted again.

    The session itself was amazing – I have experienced a lot of different works in my life and yours really impressed me and I am happy to go on with it as it helps a lot to release the things on body level.

    Warm regards

  33. Working with Elliott was very pleasant. He explained everything well and I felt very comfortable. I was touched by the presence he lead me through the session with. He was very attentive and felt exactly how the energy flows and when it was enough.
    Elliott helped me to feel my deep vulnerability and to solve old traumas. The energy now flows better.
    I am truly excited about our future sessions.
    I felt deeply touched, light and calm afterwards.
    Yes I shake everyday now:-)

    In gratitude

  34. It was a very deep experience for me, to feel that I have so much emotion and then to let them go. I’m not using to letting go of control.

    I’ve been suffering from chronic pain for many years. After the session I had a lot less pain in the hips, abdominal and lower back.

    I felt free and incredibly happy on the inside and out. When I got home I danced with my Husband and had not felt this happy for years.
    I was not expecting any of this from the session and really happy that I came.
    Thank you

  35. Dear Elliott

    After the session I’ve really felt relaxed, it did me good. I feel that I released tension, and pain.

    Deep inside I know that breathwork will help me to heal me. I also wrote down the feelings after the session.

    I have so much productive and creative energy at the moment, that my husband is feeling overwhelmed.
    A lot of projects are in my head and I want them to come to life.

    I have already booked the next session and I am really looking forward to it.

    Kind regard

  36. Dear Elliott,

    I truly enjoyed our first session even though it was hard work at times 🙂 I definitely felt much lighter after that and am looking forward to shedding more and more of these old energies as the time goes.

    I am very much looking forward to the workshop and would be interested in another session

    Much love,

  37. Dear Elliott,

    Thank you so much for the three great sessions.
    The last one had a big impact.

    It’s been a pleasure to meet and work with you and I will definitely recommend you to my friends in Zurich

    All the best and much love,

  38. Dear Elliott,

    It was great meeting you and yes I did learn quite a bit in our session. Took a bit of time to integrate it…
    Being more aware of what I have been holding on in my bodies as well as releasing some of the tension and stuck energy truly helped.  
    I am very grateful and am looking forward to our next session.

    Thank you again for the wonderful work you do and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

    From my heart to yours,


  39. Dear Elliot,
    the session was really wonderful and I see that it really helped me a lot.  
    Thank you so much for everything!


  40. I felt very good after our session.
    I’ve been practicing deep breathing since the session and breath deeper now than before. But I still feel tension in my diaphragm.
    I liked the way you work and I’d like to go on with further sessions.

  41. Honestly I do not remember having someone holding space so beautifully for me, to allow everything as you do during your session. This alone is already deeply touching and I feel the old wounds that I haven’t really allowed in my life. I carry so much pattern with me to please, to perform, to be bold and strong, but from the wrong place. I have completely closed down my intuition and vulnerability and mainly act in the world through masks, which I am so tired of. Realizing and seeing all this in the session made me cry out loud,

    I would love to continue working with you and to feel more and more alive

  42. It was really very liberating and my head feels free…?
    I am very grateful for that and the precious work you‘re doing Elliott


  43. My experience with you has accompanied since. My breathing has changed and it has supported me a lot in the 6 weeks since your session.

    Many emotions came up when working with you, sometimes really strong ones, but I could handle it with feeling and breathing.
    I would like to continue this technique, because I feel closer to myself, and I’m allowing my feelings and emotions to show up. The result is more trust, respect and more love for myself. I can see and feel how many parts of myself I have denied, and how much sadness has been stuck in my cells that has made my body, and maybe my mind as well, become acid..

    I’ll contact You in September.

    wish you happy days

  44. The first session had a good impact on me and I’m still feeling it. I felt a little dizzy after but the next day it was gone.
    I’ve been waking-up early and having lots of energy the last few days. It feels like I’m living life in the present and doing everything consciously. My heart feels much better, and the hurt is quieter. I think that I’m well on my way to loving myself.
    I’m feeling centred and I love this feeling!
    I want more to have more clarity and to make/take decisions. But this we can do in our next session.

    I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your work done. It’s really amazing!

  45. The session definitely had great value to me and it was a very intense but great experience. 
    I really liked the session because I had been looking for something like this for some time. I think the strong bodywork in addition to the energetic work is an approach that works really well.
    I really liked how you guided and encouraged me through. It took me some time to get used to the sounding but I feel I took a big step forward.

    You where right to say that I have a strong mind and need to work on feeling happy in the body with a calm mind…
    This is a big topic for me that I am constantly working on.

    Thank you so much for the great work you are doing.
    I am looking forward to working with you again!

    Sending lots of love and gratitude,

  46. I am feeling really, really great and I have the impression that I released the trauma / pattern which is related to my mother. That’s a wonderful release and a breakthrough! I’m very grateful for this. Thank you so much for your support!

  47. I’ve enjoyed three sessions with Elliott. Each one was different and perfectly aligned with my life at the time.

    The first one let me discover how much pain was stored in my womb from past sexual encounters. During the session I felt cared for & in good hands. Elliott is a very mindful & intuitive therapist who knows exactly what you need.

    During the 2nd session my bodies started to expand & I felt deep & sweet joy. Fully energized I had a lot of power, felt deep inner bliss & joy.

    The third session was releasing a lot of old toxic emotions stored in my body and a connection with my unborn child. It was powerful & wonderful.

    Elliott holds an enormous space where deep transformation can take place. The more open & the more receptive you get, the more you can take out of it, be it during the session or afterwards. I am deeply grateful for all that became possible due to these sessions & can only highly recommend. Time to let go of the old wounds in our wombs & reactivate our feminine power & wisdom.

  48. I really liked working with you and I liked the information you gave me..
    I was obviously out of my comfort zone during the exercises, but I found the overall experience very useful.
    When I left I felt high. It was nice.
    The next day I was slightly angry and aggressive. All the thoughts and feelings of my past burn out and heart break, came back again. Burning stomach, eyes, ears, and head.

    Then I had the most vivid dream I have ever had in my life… interesting.
    And then I decide communicated to my line manager that I am resigning.. that felt good.

    I will for sure book another session with you.

  49. Thank you again for this session, and how beautifully you guided me. I was also touched by your presence.

    I felt nurtured relaxed grounded refreshed and energised afterwards. Actually it was a beautiful feeling.
    The breathing, sounding and shaking I’m doing now and feel supported

    Thank you again ?? 


  50. I found the practice with Elliott immensely fullfilling at a depper emotional and energetic level.

    I trusted his knowledge and skill in listening to the body and help release tensions and blockages.

    I felt open, safe and cared for.

    After the session I experienced a profound sense of calmness which lasted for days. At the same time I was fully aware and energized.

    Thanks to Elliott for his care and dedication!

  51. Elliott is an experienced practitioner with a passion and in-depth understanding for this type of therapy combined with other approaches which journeys deeper than traditional methods of emotional release.

  52. I highly recommend Elliott as a practitioner. Elliott was very respectful of my body and emotions and spirit and had a vast amount of knowledge regarding trauma healing and the body. I felt totally comfortable within Elliott’s hands and it was a fab dance together and when waves of my pain came up and out he was able to recognise and help me release them. It was a very magical session and it has shifted things for me that’s for sure. Deep gratitude for the time, energy and love.

  53. Elliott – Thank you for taking me on a wonderful journey of, adoration self love and deep satisfaction.

  54. I already feel different. I don’t feel as anxious about being myself and speaking my mind. I presented to my company’s CEO and had 3 interviews all where I felt relaxed and was just myself and not over thinking or having a critical internal voice. I still have the digestion issues but for the most part that doesn’t bother me so much anymore.

    I think now that I understand what “emotional release” is I will be more relaxed for the next session.

    Thank you for all that you do.  I cannot explain what a relief it is to not feel all the anxiety I did before.  

    Kind regards,

  55. Yes, the session absolutely had value for me! Afterwards i felt light and energetic. As i am in a challenging situation at the moment, the relaxation unfortunately didn’t last so long. Overall i can sense that i am more energised.

    I appreciate the way you work, overall felt very safe, and could let go of some old stuff. As you mentioned, i think there was a lot more, unfortunately i had to go early, wish i could have done the full session.

    I am pretty sure i will do another session

    Send you warm greetings,

  56. i feel very well ? light and happy… i really enjoyed the session and think that quite an amount of things which bothered me could be set free. i know that there is still some stuff left i would like to get rid of, but step by step ?

    thank you again for your wonderful work…

  57. I felt very much at ease right from the beginning of our session. I did not know what to expect and was a bit nervous at the start, but the nervousness drifted away very quickly.
    I did not have to say much because you knew where you had to work on also without me saying it. This makes you a truly gifted healer and I am therefore very happy that my friend ……… recommended you to me. There was no moment where I felt uncomfortable, even though the feelings of sadness that came up where sometimes a bit overwhelming. But I felt safe throughout the whole time.
    A few days after the treatment I can honestly say that I feel you helped me more in one session than all the years of talking therapy have. I’m doing the breathing exercise you showed me beside the meditation I started and I think that I am really and finally on the right path towards self-love. Thanks with all my heart for this.

    All the best for you and see you again soon 🙂

  58. Thank you from my heart ,soul and mind for your precious work yesterday-and your flexibility to change the session to my needs – and for the security that you gave me, that I could talk about my past, without getting too lost in my emotions – for me you are really working the energies and vibrations

  59. Dear Elliott

    Thank you for yesterdays session.

    I feel very light today and a constant flow of a tender and loving energy is flowing through my body and makes me smile the whole day. Thank you !

    I really love how you do work with me and I feel safe and cared in your presence. Thank you for that as well.

  60. Thank you, you are a wonderful person. I am very thankfull for my transformation, in which your work is profoundly important. And thank you for your time.

  61. I experienced the session as very valuable. The next day my vibration felt a bit higher and I felt that surrendering to certain energy movements in my body was easier. You also helped me to achieve some opening in my heart and chest.

    I wanted to tell you that I really liked your presence, your „you“. Your work demands a lot of connectedness, of opening up yourself fearlessly in order to hold space for others. You seem to trust yourself so truly while making sense and showing vulnerability which touched me.

    You are wonderful.

    Thank you so very much so far,

  62. Elliott’s session is confident, fluent and deeply caring, his natural abilities adds enormously to the healing. I wouldn’t change a thing in his practice, I trusted him to feel into what my body needed. I can’t recommend him enough, he holds the space in an incredible way and is very honouring. I felt completely safe and he gives 110%. His energy is gentle and deeply caring. I know many friends who could benefit from this very special treatment.

  63. I have recently discovered body de-armouring. I think the treatments are empowering, liberating and beautiful. I have recommend the treatment to friends and to my Phisyo therapist as I believe knowing the power/energy within us can make us happier people. The body has amazing powerful resources.

    It would be great if it was considered a fundamental therapeutic treatment and therefore funded by the NHS.

  64. I’ve already had 4 sessions with Elliott and visited one of his workshop. Every single session felt a bit life-changing. Before I met Elliott, I knew, that there was still a lot of trauma and pain deep inside me. I wished to let it go but had no idea how, and I had no idea of how light and vibrant the body would feel without all the old stuff, or how much energy this letting go would create in my life! After releasing emotions and trauma in session one and two, the third session was one of the most pleasureful energetical things I have experienced. I have no words for that what it was 🙂 But this strong feminine power energy carried me over several weeks and let me glow 🙂 The fourth session was a kind of detoxing. Elliott uncovered a point that I was holding on so tight, I did not dare to show, did not dare to come to the surface… But it came. And over days my body started a real detox. It is amazing how professional Elliott can handle and transform all these emotions and energies that the clients set free. Elliott, I thank you so much that you share your biggest gift with us.

  65. It was like getting back my life after experiencing bodywork from Elliott. His touch was therapeutic and brought a lot of energy to areas of numbness.

  66. The massage was a great experience. Elliott helped me to learn more about my body and the energies inside me. He created a nice atmosphere where I felt safe and I experienced more than I knew before. I wish every woman to have that kind of experience in her life.

  67. I felt very safe and perfectly guided through the whole session. thank you!
    I also felt very much like an enlightened potato after the de-armouring, free, silent and very paeceful

  68. The spots close to my ears were among the most painful ones. This is interesting for me because my ears are hypersensitive, meaning that I hear very intensely and I am often bothered by sound, it is actually a real problem for me. I guess that there is a lot of contraction, and I guess it might have to do with my father yelling at me a lot when I was a child. In the days after the session I noticed a very subtle change in my hearing – it felt somehow more spacious and “directed outward” to me. I am exited by the idea that it might be possible to ease my hearing-stress through trauma-release in my ears.

  69. I recently had a body de armouring session with Elliott. It was a profound experience. I had been feeling anxiety in my system and there were some specific fears and traumas held in my body. I felt really safe to talk to Elliott about this. He helped me to release a lot in the session. The following days I felt a lot of energy. The following weeks much shifted in my life. I feel empowered and grateful for this session

    Thank you.

  70. From the first moment, I felt, I could trust you and could expose a lot of my dark places. You gently but also very straightforward cracked me open, so light could get in through the cracks.
    I was very impressed how you managed to navigate that fine line between too easy and too challenging. Your perception of where I was at, was very precise at any given moment. I could fully trust that you would see me and not cross my boundaries but gently but firmly push and extend them.
    I never felt any shame. This is amazing, because a lot of what I exposed would make me feel ashamed in other circumstances.
    Even though it might have appeared otherwise, I experienced happiness in this exposure.
    So again: vulnerability plus trust equals bliss.

    It takes somebody who is very well aware of his own self and crystal clear in his perception of the other. Someone who can watch from a higher ground, neutral but compassionate, fully present at all times. I was amazed, that every time I opened my eyes, I would meet yours, I knew you where with me in this journey, holding the space, I was not alone.

    Your way of working directly with the body cuts right through a lot of the bs that we tell ourselves and others. The body never lies and who can read it and talk to it has a direct healing line that can bypass years of talking therapies.

  71. The Session had value for me. Thank you so much.

    Yesterday was my first bodywork session, and i was really excited. Today i felt very well. I was calm, patiently and confident. I know that i have chosen the right way. My feelings are clear and i can express them better. I have more courage to allow my feelings.
    I felt for sure and that you are experienced in These things. You are gentle but when necessary obstinately too. 
    You meet your client without prejudice but with a lot of empathy and sensitiveness . It is easy for me to trust you. 
    I probably need more time to let go, but with you i have found someone where i can learn all this.
    I am curious and i am looking forward to the next session.

  72. First i really want to say thank you from my heart for your great work- all your knowledge and wisdom- i am very fascinated about your work and would like to learn and know more- because i always kind of felt that there was so much about the body but couldn’t name it or feel it right….
    I felt so stuck and like black inside, and after your session you really cleaned a lot and like released a lot, that i can move on again, although i have still lots of question…and work to do.
    Very positive for me was that you never let me drift off- always you brought me  back in my body with breathing…. i felt protected by you, because  i could experience, that you know how to deal with negativity …with shamanic wisdom.

  73. Thank you so much for the session! I have so much more energy and presence… and so many new offers to speak and give workshops. I’m working a lot!
    Big Hug ❤

  74. ‘Elliott is a very skilled bodyworker with experience in various types of tantric bodywork. He is kind,
    aware, strong and held the space in a manner that made me feel fully nourished and free. One of the
    most powerful treatments I’ve received.’

  75. Thank you for session 3. It was a good confirmation of how much trauma release has been done. A lot of painful spots were gone, specially the ones on the surface and I had the impression that we worked on the deeper muscles, for example in the liver area. But the big surprise for me was that we worked on areas that were so painful last time, and now they are not only neutral but stored with happiness. Imagine how cool it would be to have that everywhere?

    As nurse I can say you are a very brave person. I know how uncomfortable it can become when you push someones trigger and you do that literally the whole time. You are very good in catching this situations and I feel attended.

    So I’m looking forward to the next session

  76. I enjoyed the session very much, especially all the nice feeling which came up during the last 48 hours and still does.
    I‘ve continued with shaking, breathing and touching my body in very sensitive, loving way. I treated myself in the most gentle way I could.

    After the session I felt lightness in my hip area and in my stomach; now during the weekend my body dived deeper into this lightness. I feel there started a transformation in my body, everything feels soft and light. A very enjoyable process arises.

    My hearts starts to open up and there is a kind of bliss spreading around inside my whole body. I am grateful for your work and helping me to release all the pain, created over the years. I really start to feel loving emotions for myself, I cannot remember, if I ever had such wonderful feelings towards myself. Thats’s a very precious gift.

    With love,

  77. Elliott was incredibly professional and skilful. His ability to hold the space, without judgement, and with clear boundaries, has helped me to release a huge amount of negative emotions. It allowed me to feel and express anger in a way I have never done in my life. I truly felt like I had let go of some very old trauma and I felt much lighter after the session – for days. I would definitely recommend working with Elliott if you are drawn to this type of energetic bodywork.

  78. I’ve had 3 sessions so far and feel great after each session, lighter and lighter. You really do a great job and I certainly will come again. You create an atmosphere of trust, that allows people to open completely and that is, I suppose, very important for this kind of work. The body can express itself and let go, without the mind controlling it. And traumas and blockades can go very easily.
    Thank you for your work
    All the best

  79. The session was definitely of value for me, my body and my energy level raised a lot since yesterday and even though I had a full on day yesterday – after the session I was teaching and also today I did plenty of running around – I feel really good – the exhaustion I feel right now is different to the fatigue that I normally suffer from.

  80. I’m more than thankful for this experience, I always felt safe and in good hands. I could open up. 

    After the session I felt so light and tired at the same time. I could feel that I lost some ballast especially on my chest, which I was carrying for too long. 

    I’ve been trying to be good to myself as you said and to remember all the exercises and breathing techniques which you showed me. I’m glad I’ve got some (coping) strategies to shake things off:)

    I feel that I now know things better regarding the different bodies and it’s clear to me now for the first time.

    It’s a long journey but the first step is done.

    Many thanks 

    Kind regards 

  81. Elliott is a very dedicated and committed therapist. He is very professional, and I felt really safe in his hands. I definitely recommend him to everyone !

  82. I’m having my first uneventful period in 30 years. No pain, no cramps, no out of whack crabbiness, no nothing.
    I know this is TMI but it might be a pointer for your clients who have painful menstrual cycles like I usually have/had.
    Body De-Armouring is truly amazing.
    Much love,

  83. I already had 3 sessions with Elliott and each session was an enrichment in itself,
    and each time I got new elements installed. Elliott works on a very deep level and is a careful and very intuitive therapist. He has been able to solve some blockages with me, and now my energy flows freely again.
    I am very grateful for the healing work of Elliott and would love to come back. 
    With the breathing techniques, he has shown me a way to solve many old emotions. I felt lighter and freer after each session!


    Ich hatte bereits 3 Sitzungen bei Elliott und jede Sitzung war eine Bereicherung in sich. Sie war aufbauend aufgebaut, so
    dass ich jedesmal wieder neue Elemente eingebaut bekam. Elliott arbeitet auf einer sehr tiefen Ebene und ist ein achtsamer und
    sehr intuitiver Therapeut. er hat bei mir einige Blockaden lösen können, so dass meine Energie wieder frei fliessen kann.
    ich bin sehr dankbar über die Heilarbeit von Elliott und komme sehr gern wieder. Mit den Atemtechniken hat er mir einen Weg gezeigt,
    in dem ich viele alte Emotionen lösen konnte. Ich fühlte mich nach jeder Sitzung ein Stück leichter und freier!

  84. The session with you was a tremendous experience for me.
    Never before have I been able to let myself go and let my body do that. I felt safe and cared for by you. Thank you so much!!
    And I could feel that there are a lot of traumatic experiences still present in my body and a big NO for the life I have. This was important for me to feel and to hear from myself.
    I did so many therapeutic things in my life to be able to be present and to get in touch with others but the session with you was one of the most important things I ever did. Thank you so much for it, for your presence and for your care.


  85. Dear Elliott,

    Thank you so much for the session last week.

    I found the session incredible. Following the session I felt incredibly calm and at peace, and energized in a calm way. I still feel very ‚serene‘ which I attribute to our session on Thursday.

    I would really like to continue the work with you, and I‘m really looking forward to seeing you again then.

    Huge thanks again for everything, and see you in March,

  86. Dear Elliott, 
    thank you for the treatment. It was very interesting for me and now I realise that i can breath much deeper then normal.
    I feel a lot of change in my body, that is very nice and a deep feeling of love is coming over and though my body.
    I am in a much deeper place then I was before.
    I am coming home to me self totally alone but not lonely.

    It is a fantastic treatment, thank you for the patience with me <3

  87. Dear Elliott,
    Thank you so much for our first lesson, it was helpful.
    I’m very grateful to have met you and for the amazing healing body-work I could experience. Your presence made me feel safe.
    On the weekend I had some mild physical and emotional symptoms and revealing dreams. Fortunately I could take my time with this.
    Now I feel lively and more powerful.
    I’m going to book another session and I’m looking forward to it.
    Of course I recommend you.

  88. Elliott’s session was a wonderful experience for me. His natural style and empathy helped me a lot during the work. During exhausting and emotional and intimate phases, I felt 100% supported by Elliott. For me, it certainly was not the last session and I’m looking forward to work with Elliott again. Many thanks,

  89. Recently, I’ve had an Emotional Detox and Body De-Armouring session with Elliott. To say that a session with Elliott is transformative is an understatement.
    Elliott has taught me through various exercises how to tap in to my feminine and masculine energy. That might seem like no big deal but if you live your life in your feminine energy and neglect your masculine side, it creates a great misbalance in your Life Force Energy which create blockages in your mind which prevent you from becoming your very own best version.

    Having always thought of myself as a very ‘open’ person, I found myself being confronted with the fact that I’m fully out of touch with my masculine energy. I felt lots of resistance in my mind while doing the relatively easy physical exercises. The very same phrase I use on my two children ever so often came daunting on me during the exercises. In order to grow as a physical being, you must get out of your own comfort zone. Otherwise you simply stagnate. Ouch. Right back at ya, mom!!

    Now, my journey with Elliott has only just begun and I’m truly excited about our future sessions. Most Self Development therapies/courses neglect working with the physical body but our emotions are stored in our bodies…

    Elliott is pointing out and gently guiding the way on how to release traumas and difficult emotions which no longer serve us.

    In gratitude,

  90. The session brought up an old memory for me. Later on I came to realise how and in what way it had been influencing all of the sexual experiences in my life.
    It was a positive experience for me and I felt really good afterwards.

  91. The work of Elliott is extraordinary and he creates a framework by feeling completely safe and secure. Through the exercises, the body takes over as the sole director and under the supervision of Elliott you can let the movements flow and blockages can easily dissolve The intense feeling that is felt at the end of the session throughout the body, is indescribable and you are like on clouds. A wonderful job and so gentle yet extremely powerful.


    Die Arbeit von Elliott ist aussergewöhnlich und er schafft einen Rahmen, indem man sich ganz automatisch aufgehoben und sicher fühlt. Durch die Übungen übernimmt der Körper wie von allein die Regie und unter der Obhut von Elliott kann man die Bewegungen fliessen lassen und Blockaden können sich leicht lösen Das intensive Gefühl, dass am Schluss der Session im ganzen Körper zu spüren ist, ist unbeschreiblich und man ist wie auf Wolken. Eine wundervolle Arbeit und so sanft und doch extrem kraftvoll.

  92. “Elliott is a great and very mindful therapist. He was recommended to me by a friend so I was in a flap before our first appointment. But from the moment I saw him I knew I was safe and well-accompanied on my journey to self-love. He was there with full attention and a very big heart. Already in my first session we released so much trauma that at the end of the session I knew how it was to love myself – even with a few extra pounds. That didn’t matter in the end. Because I felt it from deep inside.

    Elliott moves forward in the right tempo always being at your side and pushing the right buttons.  The homework he gave me between sessions was very helpful to integrate the new state of being in everyday life.

    I am very grateful for Elliott’s work. Every woman should do this. It would for sure help the planet to become more a peaceful place! Thank you so much!”.

  93. “The session with Elliott has been very deep, moving stuff which have not been moved before. The way he works is profound and I could feel the huge experience he has. From the first moment I felt at ease and without pressure. Letting go of emotions and just feeling what comes up is not easy but with the guidance of Elliott, it became as natural as it could be. The feelings created inside the bodies – the emotional, physical and mental bodies – where indescribable. Thank you Elliott for this unique and liberating experience. I feel cleansed and energised, more clear and focused with a beautiful happiness”.

  94. “Elliott transformed my self-love-life in a way I haven’t suspected. Tears were flowing  when Elliott opened my “body”, emotions and memories to past lives. Afterwards I felt so indescribably light and free, energised and an inner peace with myself.

    I was able to trust Elliott from the first moment and I am thankful that I was allowed to go into his gifted hands. I use some of the shaking and breathing techniques, he taught me, also at home. But it’s more fun with Elliott 🙂 Looking forward to the next session. Thank you!”.


    “Elliott hat mein Selbst-Liebes-Leben auf eine Weise verändert, die ich zuvor nicht vermutet hätte. Es flossen Tränen als Elliott meinen „Körper“, meine Emotionen und Erinnerungen an vergangene Leben geöffnet hat. Nach der Session fühlte ich mich unbeschreiblich leicht, frei, energetisiert und in Frieden mit mir selbst.

    Ich konnte Elliott vom ersten Moment an Vertrauen schenken und ich bin dankbar dafür, dass ich mich in seine begnadeten Hände begeben durfte. Ich nutze einige der Schüttel- und Atemtechniken, die er mir gezeigt hat, auch zu Hause. Aber zusammen mit Elliott macht es noch mehr Spass 🙂 Ich freue mich auf die nächste Session. Vielen Dank!”.

  95. Session 1. “This was my first bodywork session with Elliott and I didn’t  know what to expect. We talked a lot about the boundaries, my expectations and intention and how he’s going to support me in this process. When we started the shaking at first it felt a bit strange as I don’t usually make so much noise breathing but after a while I felt it was helpful in increasing the energy in my body. Most of the touch was pleasurable and/or relaxing. Some of the pressure points hurt and I felt a lot of sorrow, but with the breathing techniques he showed me it was possible to let go and just accepting the pain to leave. I felt relieved afterwards, tired and connected with all of my body”.

    Session 2. “Elliott set up a beautiful space, wonderful music and vibrated lots of trust and caring so that it was easy to relax. The way he started the session by just sitting down, eye gazing, talking about my expectations and intentions and boundaries was very comforting. It felt easy to me to trust him and talk about my inability to orgasm. He was supportive and understanding all time and explained in details what we were about to do, how to breathe, do the shaking and so on. As I did a session before this one it was more easy to do the shake-it-out-part, especially breathing loudly and I enjoyed it a lot. The massage was very relaxing and comforting even though some pressure points released lots of pain. Elliott always knew what to do and the connection felt amazing, I never had to worry and could just focus on letting go of pain. My body felt fully in Harmony and deep relaxation. Thank you”.

    Session 3. Working with Elliott was very relaxing and I could totally let go of my thoughts and fall into the moment and just enjoy being touched in such a gentle way. I didn’t expect it to be this pleasurable especially as I had a very exhausting week and lots of thoughts running through my head before we started. Elliott made it very easy for me to let go of this stress and just focus on my body, my needs and my breath”.

  96. “I will be always grateful for Elliott’s session from the core of my being. I felt safe, cared for and loved the whole time. I could trust him and just be, flowing with his touch like dancing. I felt free to connect with my feminine side, with the vulnerable little girl and the sensual, creative woman. My mind stopped thinking most of the time and I felt so present in the moment as nothing else mattered, just him and me trying to work on the past so I can fully enjoy the present and the future. It was a very spiritual, insightful and life changing experience. I could released lots of sadness and anger and Elliott managed the intensity of my pain amazingly well. He is a very gifted healer. He could see clearly where my blockages where in the chakra system and I got insights on what to work on in the future. I would need more sessions to bring out all the intense pain that I kept inside from my whole life and if I were closer to England I would no doubt to go for another session with Elliott”.

  97. “Working with Elliott has been very healing. Straight away I felt at ease and safe in his presence. Elliott took me through some powerful techniques to release anger, trapped emotions and stored trauma in the body. And in the sessions helped me to get in touch with my sensuality, power and the healing energy that is within me. I would describe the sessions as blissful, empowering and deeply healing. Thank you Elliott”.

  98. “Elliott created a safe and powerful space for my body to awaken and fill with pure, natural life-force energy. He is caring and kind, and this helped me to fully feel and release some emotions that were trapped in the body. I felt alive and full of positive energy after the session. I’d recommend his work particularly for people who’d like to discover their energy body for the first time, and who need sensitivity and understanding to help them release negative emotions and bring joy and happiness into the body”.

  99. “I have had regular energetic body work sessions with Elliott for the past year. He uses touch, breath, sound and voice guidance with deep understanding of chakras, emotional blocks and the flow of life force energy in our bodies. In our sessions I particularly enjoy the co-creation aspect, the ease of flow, and how my emotions are being reflected back to me, acknowledged and released. There have not been two sessions the same and on each occasion I have felt truly seen and celebrated by who I am in that present moment”.

  100. “I have had several sessions of energetic body work with Elliott during the last year. I find he is a very intuitive gifted healer.
    The sessions were very varied depending on my state of mind and health on each occasion.
    At the beginning of the year, I was suffering from a lack of libido and Elliott re-awoke a lot of stagnant energy that was holding me back. I had a very ecstatic experience and a full body orgasm, but just through energy rather than any touch. Incredible and beautiful.
    Then very recently I have been suffering much mental anguish and Elliott enabled me to release a great deal of pent up emotion, which opened up the floodgates. Afterwards I felt much peace and the aching pain in my heart chakra which becomes unbearable sometimes, had dissipated”.

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