In energetic bodywork sessions I work with a variety of practices that allow energy and life force to flow.

One of the practices that I trained in (a long time ago!) is Reiki, which is now accepted in mainstream healthcare, used in some hospitals and covered by certain medical insurance companies.

I have Reiki level 4 which also allows me to teach and attune others to this practice although generally I don't as it involves putting energetic structures into the spine and skull and for the most part I help people take these out as they are not needed.

If you are interested in my work and would like to book a session, but the videos of energetic bodywork and de-armouring look too intense, then Reiki is a great introduction.


I also offer a longer in-depth process of Kundalini unblocking, which works on the spine to keep the flow of life force open. But this is done by application, and on a case by case basis as not everybody is ready for this depth of work. It needs a level of commitment to see it through.

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