Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

I'm based in Zürich, Switzerland but periodically travel to teach. 

STEP ONE: email me to book a private introduction session to energetic bodywork and de-armouring explaining why you'd like the session.

Approx 120 to 180 minutes Price: CHF360


STEP TWO: After the intro session, I generally suggested that we book you in six sessions dates and create a list of clear and achievable goals related to your intention. I’m also then available to communicate outside of sessions for ongoing support and integration.

You can either pay CHF2000 in advance for all six sessions, or you can pay session by session, at the normal price of CHF360. I’ve found when you make a clear commitment and investment in yourself, in this way, your subconscious mind finds it easier to support you, and you get the best results.

online sessions also available for existing clients on a package. 

About me

A few of the locations my matts and I have visited

People request to work with me for all kinds of reasons, from trauma, and depression, to physical, and posture issues, to sexual issues, spiritual issues, struggling with intimacy, and connection, self-love, forgiveness, early kundalini rising, or wanting to learn more about their energetic body, and exercises that help them, to heal themselves, by running more life force through the body, while finding the coinciding physical, mental, and emotional blocks. 

If you think that you could benefit from my work, then please send an email, with some brief information about what what you'd like to work on.

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Our energetic bodies work in layers, and it’s best to transform one layer, integrate, and then work on the next. Clearing all the pain, and trauma, from our whole life, in one session, is normally too much to integrate, but still a lot can be gained in one session, learning tools that can help you for the rest of your life. When working with Kundalini, it’s important to listen to it, and allow the energy to do the work. Integration is so important because it allows us to find alignment between our physical, mental, and emotional/energetic bodies, so our behaviour, attitudes, and illnesses, really do change. 

When clients sign up to work with me long term, we create and work towards clear and lasting goals. To learn more about package sessions, please click here...

Main practice:

Zürich, Switzerland. Silentpower therapy centre, Altstetterstrasse 121 ,8048

Healing and therapy practice centre with multiple treatment rooms and parking. 2 minutes walk from the train station.

Also working from healing centres, practices and yoga studios in:

Luzern, Switzerland

London, England 

Constance, Germany 

Freiburg, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

and other locations

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