Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

In response to the flu pandemic, acknowledging that:

  • many are taking this time to do less 
  • have lower incomes right now 
  • and that I also need to keep some money flowing in 

I’m offering distant energy work at a lower rate. I’m only giving one or two sessions a day (as personally taking time to work on the on-line course and turn my book into an audio). 

An approx 60 minute energy healing / spine clearing online session is USD$80

I’ll send you some short videos and warm up exercises to watch before hand so you get the most out of the session. We can talk at the start and then depending on your intention for working with me move into breathing, meditation and energy work.

Although connecting with me, my role is to help you connect with yourself, your inner Masculine and Feminine Energies, and how these different polarities flow through your chakra system and up your spine, creating more inner alignment, self love, connection and making it easier to manifest and attract into your life what you wish. I help you move your energy and realise things you already know, by offering additional polarity to your system.

This is the essence of how I work and what I teach, connection with another to find connection with yourself. 

My Time zone is GMT+1 Zürich

Please email me to book

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Zürich, Basel, Bern, Switzerland CURRENTLY

London, England 

Constance, Freiburg, Germany 

Paris, France

Amsterdam, Netherlands


New travel dates being confirmed, please email your interest

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People request to work with me for all kinds of reasons, from trauma and depression to physical and posture issues, to sexual issues, spiritual issues, struggling with intimacy and connection, self-love, forgiveness, or wanting to learn more about their energetic body and how heal themselves by running more life force through the body while finding the coinciding physical mental and emotional blocks. 

If you think that you could benefit from my work then please send an email with some brief information about yourself.
About me

Pricing and session length

On average please allow 120 to 180 minutes for a session sometimes more.

Price depend on the venue and location, but for an indication Zürich prices at my main location are

a) Emotional detox and body de-armouring approx 120 to 180 minutes CHF360

b) Building a multi-orgasmic body approx approx 120 to 180 minutes CHF360

c) Approx approx 90 to 120 minute session CHF280

d) Approx 90 minute session CHF220

e) Reiki, length and prices as above 

Reduction available if you book multiple sessions. 

Our energetic bodies work in layers and it’s best to transform one layer, integrate, and then work on the next. Clearing the pain and trauma from our whole life in one session is normally too much to integrate, but still a lot can be gained in one session and tools that can help you for your whole life. When working with Kundalini it’s important to listen to it and allow the energy to do the work. Integration is so important because it allows us to find alignment between our physical, mental and emotional/energetic bodies so our behaviour, attitudes and illnesses really do change. 

My aim is to finish the session at the optimal time for you. If we only have 90 minutes and then back to the real world, it's unlikely the body will feel safe enough to open up to resolve deep traumas.

For your first session it’s important to book 180 minutes and these often run over.

When clients sign up to work with me on a long term we create and work towards clear and lasting goals.

Invite me -

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A few of the locations my matts and I have visited

Main practice:

Zürich, Switzerland. Silentpower, Altstetterstrasse 121 ,8048

Healing and therapy practice centre with multiple treatment rooms and parking. 2 minutes walk from the train station.

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