Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

Integrative Embodiment

South of Spain

Friday 25th September - Thursday 1st October

Each person is unique, and has their own way of sensing, and working with energy, of activating their intuition, and understanding their psychology: coming to terms with, and forgiving their past, and moving into a brighter future.

In this week residential retreat, we create space, to explore, and understand ourselves, within a group setting.

We focus on learning how to transform, and integrate, opposing polarities within the body, using:

- Kundalini, and Energetic Bodywork practices
- De-armouring practices
- And the polarity framework, from the book: Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work

We delve into the paradox, of human emotions, and sexuality, on an experiential level, while being on our own, individual journey, of transformation.

Learning a range of bodywork, breathing, and energetic practices, we explore, and discover what integrative embodiment means, and develop a self-practice which includes, emotional, and physical de-armouring, in a way that allows more creative, and sexual energy to flow through our bodies. Having such a self-practice, to transform trauma in our own bodies, and run energy, is essential, for anyone who wants to develop their own energetic body, or work in this field.

Sessions are a mixture, of practicing energetic bodywork, with others (giving, and receiving), and on ourselves.

A typical morning starts, with yoga, meditation, and other forms of exercise, that prepare us for the work. Mornings are dedicated to learning the fundamentals of, and practicing energetic bodywork, as demonstrated by Elliott Saxby, and we spend them in a more focused and mediative state.

Afternoons are used to explore the Polarity framework, from the book: Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work, on the mental, and emotional levels, using group exercises, and personal experience. Although this is not a practitioner training, there is also time to share technical information, related to de-armouring, and working with kundalini energy in the body.

Some evenings are free, some led, and some have an open space element, allowing participants to offer, and share, their own talents and gifts.

This week is suitable for people on their own transformational, healing journey, and for therapists, from a range of bodywork, and psychological backgrounds, including: de-armouring practitioners, energy workers, tantric, and somatic therapists, yoga, and kundalini teachers, and general councillors, looking to develop, and refine their existing skills.

Different emotions, traumas, and energies, may arise: sexual energy and the transmutation of it is welcomed, and encouraged, but, it is not the focus.

The week is led by Elliott Saxby, with the support of assistants, who know, and are passionate about this work. To read more about Elliott, visit 

The venue is a beautiful hotel, in nature, close to Granada, south of Spain, the session room is small, and workshop is limited to 20 places (including assistants)

Price for the workshop is €720

Accomadation starts from €330 and includes a healthy vegan diet, with an intermittent fasting schedule, that supports the work (you are asked to refrain from brining or eating meat or dairy during the week)

Airport pick up can be arranged for approx €25

Cancellation policy:

For country boarder closures, due to a pandemic, or similar, you are granted a 100% refund (most airlines, are also currently offering this, and cheap flights)

For other cancellation reasons:

Cancellation within 1 week = 100% refund with a €80 admin fee

Cancellation up to 8 weeks before = 50% refund of the workshop and 75% refund of accommodation

Cancellation after 8 weeks before = 20% refund

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