Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

Workshops and events, listed below.

All trainings are currently in Switzerland until the travel restrictions are lifted. 


For people who want a clear pathway in training, the following is recommended:

A) Intro to de-armouring 2 days

A) Integrative embodiment, with Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work 3 days

B) Advanced de-armouring (pre requisite: intro to de-armouring) 3 days

B) Advanced energetic bodywork 3 days (pre requisite: integrative embodiment)

B) Advanced application of the Masculine & Feminine Polarity Framework (pre requisite: integrative embodiment) training 4 days

C) Masculine & Feminine Integrative Therapy Practitioner training and mentorship (pre requisite: all 3 advances).

Certification, and membership to the 'school of energetic bodywork', and recommendations for insurance. Training includes assisting on existing trainings, peer support meet ups, and online coaching. Duration depends on the individuals needs and existing abilities. Acceptance is by application and a pass is not guaranteed, but if accepted it is still an amazing learning experience.