Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

Masculine & Feminine Integrative Therapy. Easter Residential Retreat, Lake Constance, Switzerland.

Friday 10th 6:30 pm - Friday 17th April 2:00 pm

Schloss Glarisegg, 8266 Steckborn, Switzerland

email for the simple application


Immersive retreat to explore, deepen, polarise and integrate polarities within ourselves through the practices of:

  • de-armouring
  • energetic bodywork
  • optional morning and evening yoga with an intermittent fasting schedule

During the week

Mornings will be dedicated to learning and practicing energetic bodywork as demonstrated in this and many other videos on the blog and youtube channel 

Afternoons will be focused on integrating the insights gained and using the Masculine & Feminine Polarity Framework and other tools for growth.

In brief

-Learn the foundations of body de-armouring, and energetic bodywork

-Learn how to energetically work with our own and others blocks around sex, money, power, safety and security

-Activate kundalini energy in the body as a creative and healing force

-Learn to work with sexual, healing and spiritual energy

-Give and receive energetic bodywork sessions

-Use the Polarity Framework to engage with life from a non-dual perspective

-Explore relationships to power, hierarchy, trust, leadership and surrender

Different emotions, traumas and energies can arise during the week, sexual energy and the transmutation of it is welcomed and encouraged, but it is not the focus

What else to expect

- Group bonding

- Caco ceremonies

- Dancing

- Optional 1 hour 45 minute yoga classes each morning and shorter evening class

- Mainly organic, high protein vegan diet with optional intermittent fasting for the best flow of energy

- Learn new things, gain new skills and make new friends

- For your life to change


Glarisegg castle is beautifully situated on Lake Constance - between forest, meadows and a stream with a small waterfall in the nearby village of Steckborn, Switzerland. Our local hosts are an open-hearted community that also lives on the estate, and will accommodate and cook for us. We will also enjoy the private beach of the castle - only a few minutes walk away where swimming, bathing and beach fires are permitted.  

This week retreat is suitable for experienced practitioners looking to expand their knowledge and skills, and also for people wanting to embark on a journey of self development, with or without prior experience.

About Elliott Saxby

Over the years my approach to energy work has developed and I achieve deepest effect by bridging dual and non-dual states. I also specialise in teaching people how to wake up and activate Kundalini energy in their body and give am imprint of this as a creative and healing force.

I see no difference between spiritual energy, sexual energy, and healing energy. For real healing and other breakthroughs we need to be comfortable with, and harness our sexual energy. This work is best achieved with a gender polarity, be it physical or identified. A base of the work is recognising that we all have an inner masculine and an inner feminine.


Please email or for the simple application form.

No prior knowledge or experience is needed but it's important for us to know who will be on the retreat!

Booking process

1. email for application

2. your application is approved and link sent to buy ticket

3. after buying your ticket please book your accommodation directly with the venue. If your desired accommodation type (e.g low cost or private room) is no longer available and camping or the local hotel is not an option for you. Notify us within one week of booking your ticket for a full 100% refund. 

Friday 10th to Friday 17th April 2020

Begin: 18:30hrs End:14:00hrs

Course cost: CHF 750

(student/low wage discounts on request)

(Refund policy is 100% back within one week of booking. 50% back when less than two months before the retreat, or 80% back when more than two months before the retreat. Your accommodation would be refunded directly by Schloss Glarisegg who run a very fair cancellation policy which in most cases is 100%)

Venue: Schloss Glarisegg Seminar House, Lake Constance, Switzerland.

After your application you will receive instructions to book your food and accommodation directly with the retreat centre:

For more information send an email 🙂

For more information about Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work, the mental framework used on this retreat, please visit the website

Or for information about Elliott Saxby and his work visit his website

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