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Advanced Kundalini Bodywork

& De-armouring (level 1)

In this course we apply the skills learned in Kundalini Bodywork Online, expanding our knowledge of how energetic pathways and polarities flow in the body, and how to harness this flow for healing and transformation. We learn how to work with the energy (chakra) systems and the electromagnetic field (aura) of another person while furthering our personal practice.

We learn how Kundalini Bodywork is fundamentally different to other energy work modalities such as Reiki and Pranic healing, while also learning the value of these systems and how to incorporate these into our practice... read more and register

De-armouring is a metaphoric term that relates to taking emotional, physical and mental pain out of the body. In this course we learn and practice various techniques that allow us to de-armour the body in a safe and non-obtrusive way by incorporating a greater flow of Chi through the body. We learn how to de-armour ourselves (self de-armouring) and how to de-armour others... read more and register


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Advanced Kundalini Bodywork

& De-armouring (level 2)

The next step in becoming a Kundalini Bodywork practitioner and also open to those wanting to learn for personal development reasons.  In this course we work more with embodiment practices, distinguishing between the thin line of harmful and beneficial energies and entities, and how to remove harmful energies from the body and parasitic cords that drain a persons life force. In Kundalini Bodywork Online we teach dealing with darker energies simply through not being a vibrational match to them and focusing on personal shadow work. In this workshop we dive deeper into this world seeing that the cause for many mental health problems, addictions and even persistent body pain is down to dark and negative energies in the body from the clients own wishes or someone else’s.

We learn how to balance between teaching someone to heal themselves and healing people and how to deal with the Karma that is created by healing another. To help someone without harm is a difficult task which we approach by learning to work from a non-dual state while increasing the strength and vibrancy of our own energetic and astral bodies.

We also learn to apply more clearing and protection practices for ourselves and others.

In the level 1 training we advanced from basic energetic bodywork practices akin to pranic healing and reiki, and learned to work with Kundalini and divinity itself by entering non-dual states to conduct energy work: and we also explored what tantric healing is in relation to unity and why it is a dangerous practice that needs much preparation. In this level 2 training we deepen this knowledge approaching the training as a journey and mystery school, one that each person needs to goes through to find their best practice. The curriculum is designed for people to find their own best way of working while also having a shared framework, methodology and understanding to work with and communicate around.

Kundalini Bodywork at this level becomes more Tantric in nature and we learn the concepts, practices and the techniques that allow us to work in this way without become entangled in the other persons energy field. We discover how to allow someone else find connection with themselves through us without creating attachment. A large part of this is learning to further develop and manage our own energetic bodies and to align them to truth, and of course the question here becomes which truth and what is truth, with great personal learning coming from exploring these questions and finding answers in an experiential way.

We also develop on the body de-armouring sequences and the pleasure pain ratio learnt in level one to increase the baseline of pleasure in the body, and we continue to apply the polarity frame work as a tool in non-dual therapy and coaching to ensure the practice is truly holistic; honouring the mind and empowering the people we work with to heal themselves.

The step after this course is the Mentorship program which includes peer support and leads to becoming a certified Kundalini Bodywork Practitioner, eligible to apply to advertise in the practitioner directory on kundalinibodywork.com (coming soon)

Prerequisite: Advanced Level 1 in KBW & De-armouring

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Tantric De-armouring

Week residential trainings for existing students.

Community of Practice and Mentorship 

Healing, transforming and developing ourselves alone is not impossible but difficult. The key to success for most people lies in community. When people have failed in conquering goals in education, fitness, weight loss or learning a language - very often it is more to do with the people around them and how supportive their community is of their success than the actual weight regime, app or course they took. Of course good technique, methodology and teachers are important but when people undervalue or simply don’t have a supportive community to connect with online, offline and subconsciously (so while sleeping and through the astral) it’s harder to succeed read more...

Non-Dual Therapy

Learn to apply non-dual therapy with the polarity framework from the book Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work

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