Kundalini Energy and Body De-armouring Weekend

In this weekend workshop we will learn various techniques that allow us to clear our Sushumna (pathway of Kundalini) and energy body.

We will look at the fundamentals of breath and learn how to release negative emotions from our bodies while opening up our energetic pathways, through a mixture of theory, practice, and partner exercises.
We will also look at some of our mental patterns and blocks as well as energetic and emotional ones.

Elliott has is own unique style to energetic bodywork and body de-armouring. We will learn some of his key points over the weekend, moving energy through the body to heal and expand consciousness. We will also practice moving energy in others through partner work.

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Zürich, Switzerland. Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th September 2019
Bern, Switzerland. Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th October 2019
Paris, France. TBC 2020
London, England. TBC 2020



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