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Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

One day workshop to awaken Kundalini and Feminine energy

Saturday 6th October 2018

To activate your Feminine Shakti energy it helps to have Masculine energy present. For some women, workshops with a gender balance are not so comfortable. Working in this way, with one male facilitator allows you more freedom to explore your Feminine, Shakti, Kundalini energy.

Feminine energy is something you already have in abundance, you have all of the answers and knowledge inside. Sometimes it helps to have the Masculine polarity present to help you remember.

A lot of what Elliott teaches is new. He has his own style of breath and bodywork that activates the energetic field. He has learned by listening to his own body and that of his clients.

In the workshop you will develop a relationship with your body, your breath and your Shakti. It will enable you to move more energy, release trapped emotions and gain greater access to your intuition while working on opening and clearing the Kundalini pathway.

This day builds on from the private sessions that Elliott offers which incorporate, Masculine and Feminine polarity work, breath therapy, body de-armouring and energetic bodywork.

We will use the Masculine and Feminine polarity framework, release old emotional pain and blockages while learning powerful tools that will support you for the rest of your life to act form your feminine, tap into your Shakti and access kundalini energy. The majority of the workshop is dedicated to this space and working with energy.

We will cover a range of topics through, theory, individual exercises, optional partner work and group sharing.

No experience is necessary, and therapists and practitioners alike can find this weekend educational and rewarding.

Workshops for men, couples and mixed singles are being planned for next year. Join the mailing list to be updated www.elliottsaxby.com

Information and booking contact:

Information and booking contact:
Yvonne Waldraff, Zürich info@silentpower.org 
or hello@elliottsaxby.com

MAX 12 partispants


Optional second day on Sunday 7th. Request when booking CHF180
If enough people are interested this second day will explore the practical applications of the techniques learned through partner exercises and go deeper into Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work.

Kundalini breath and emotional release workshop

Clearing your aura, opening up your chakras and other energy systems!

I love teaching people how to shake, how to breath, and how to release emotions from their body.

Our bodies store pain, and if we don’t let that trauma out of our body, we can feel heavy, numb, and become prone to sickness.

In this three hour workshop we will look at the fundamentals of breath and learn how to release negative emotions from our bodies while opening up our energetic pathways for a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

This work is central to all that I do, and the beginning part of nearly all my sessions. If you are thinking of booking a session with me but you’re still not sure, then this is the perfect introduction and chance to ask questions.

Please bring, loose comfortable clothing and a willingness to let go of the old and welcome the new.





Kundalini breath and emotional release 18th April 2018

Kundalini breath and emotional release 14th February 2018

Kundalini breath and emotional release 6th February 2018



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