Yoni de-armouring & Yoni massage

When a client asks me I am happy to do this work and help transform pain, trauma inside the yoni (vagina).

As a first session I don’t offer yoni de-armouring or yoni-massage. It’s better to take major trauma out of the body first, and to open energetic pathways.

Many things can cause trauma in the yoni including: shame, not being touched in a loving or consensual way, hard sex, large sex toys and vibrators, child birth, gynaecology examinations, contraception devices and a host of emotional issues.

During a yoni de-armouring the whole body is included with full or partial nudity. I remain clothed the whole time.

These sessions generally feel more intimate. They are designed to replace pain, trauma and numbness with pleasure and sensitivity.

I work in different ways, depending on my clients needs. Some sessions include more gentle and sensual massage, others deep pain release and energy work. Clients who work with me regularly normally experience these sessions in different ways depending where they are at at the time.

We will always talk first and tailor the session to fit how you're feeling on the day.

Female ejaculation and release of Amrita, or Kalas (clear liquid released from the Skene’s gland) is a very healing experience. It can be experienced both with or without orgasm. I do not believe in forcing the release with pressure points as this can create new traumas. The release is encouraged using certain techniques and pressure points but always in a gentle and connected way.

When experienced with orgasm, the release of Amrita takes you to a heightened pleasurable state. Giving all of the cells in your body a new vibration and helping you to open your energetic pathways.

Occasionally it is also experienced without orgasm as a way of releasing trauma. Often when this happens the client does not know she has ejaculated until the end of the session and she feels how wet the towels are. The amount of female ejaculate varies on each release depending how the woman is feeling. It can range from several drops to almost a litre.

De-armouring the cervix inside the yoni is also a very beneficial process. Your cervix is linked to your emotional wellbeing and the connection to your heart.

When you have sex with a man and his Lingham (penis) touches your cervix this is when you deeply connect on an energetic level. A numb cervix can stop you connecting emotionally in this way and it reduces the amount of pleasure during sex and can stop orgasms. A cervix can become bent and damaged through emotional trauma, physical trauma and hard sex and the use of toys when the yoni is not fully relaxed. A bent cervix will reduce the amount of sperm that can get through and this reduces the chance of pregnancy.

During yoni de-armouring and massage sessions I’m happy to work with you on any issues that you may have. Both sexual and non-sexual. Some clients prefer to work on all of their issues with more freedom around their sexuality, be it just being naked during the session or allowing themselves to transmute and sublimate more of their sexual energy in the session with some genital touch when needed. I can teach techniques for the transmutation and sublimation of sexual energy when asked. 

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