Energetic bodywork and building a multi-orgasmic body

In a session I work with a variety of techniques, from different modalities including: breathwork; trauma release; emotional release; de-armouring; masculine and feminine polarity work; pressure points for different energy systems; and other tools, to help you release physical and emotional pain, and remove the blocks that stop you from having a multi-orgasmic body. The aim of a session is not to have an orgasm, but to create a deeper loving relationship with yourself, and to learn how to cultivate your own inner sexual energy and inner chi.

Sessions are fully clothed with hands-on and hands-off energetic touch.

In the first few sessions, more pain and trauma is released, and you will learn the basics of breathwork and other techniques. In later sessions, I teach and support you to develop your own energetic body, so that every cell can vibrate and orgasm. This creates new information in the body and allows the experience of self-love and happiness in, on the cellular level. Which in turn brings more energy, health, clarity and, success, into your life.

The sessions vary from person to person. You might want to focus on evolving and integrating your masculine and feminine polarities, learning Taoist energy techniques, or to focus more on emotional detoxing. Each session is tailored to the individual.

All of the sessions are in English, but I’m happy to simplify the language if this is not your native tongue.

Some moments may feel sensual as energy runs through your body, the work is designed to help you fall in love with yourself. To connect your heart with your sex, and remove any shame and guilt that you may have about your sexuality.

You will learn to cultivate Chi, Prana, or life force energy, by raising sexual energy up the different channels in your body. Allowing in divine universal energy through your crown, while recharging and balancing: your chakras, your aura, your glands and the rest of your physical body.

There is no difference between spiritual energy, sexual energy, and healing energy. The difference is our intention and what we do with it. Heal ourselves, or others. Manifest our dreams, evolve our subtle light bodies or develop a clearer connection to the divine and our higher intelligence.

Sexual energy is generally more powerful, tangible and readily available. It is best to work with, and develop, all of the channels that energy flows through, and by accepting our sexual energy: our spiritual energy and healing energy, can flow more freely.

By learning to do these practices you will always be able to raise your Chi through activating your sexual energy, and use it to manifest what you want in life. Energetically charge and heal your glands so that they produce more of the chemicals that make you happy such as dopamine, serotonin, and when very well practiced, DMT. By charging all of the glands in the body you are more easily able to produce any, and all, of the chemicals that your body needs to improve your general, health, well being, immune system, exercise endurance, motivation and ability to evolve.

These sessions are not about mental fantasy. The techniques will help you to move away from sex in the mind where thoughts and images are more arousing than sensations in the body. You will learn to spread pleasure throughout your physical body, and eventually into your etheric energetic body.

Everyone is different and we all respond to sessions differently. I’m happy to work with you in the way that suits you. Be it several one-to-one sessions over a short, or long period, or treating the sessions like a private workshop, designed to open up your energetic body while teaching you these powerful tools and techniques so that you can start using them for yourself.

We use exercises that can go deep into our emotions meaning the body often needs time to integrate at the end, please do not book anything in immediately after a session. 

Session times are approximate as we aim for the session optimal length for you on that day. Costs vary depending on the venue and country. See booking page for details.

If money is an issue and you really want to work with me then please do let me know and we will see what can be done.

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