Online sessions

Online sessions include:

  • video tutorials, to watch beforehand
  • approx 60 to 90 minute video call, including energy work 
  • optional feedback call and email support, after each session

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My role is to help you connect with yourself, your inner Masculine and Feminine energies, and how these different polarities flow through your chakra system, and spine, creating more: inner alignment; self love; emotional awareness, and connection with yourself, and intuition, making it easier for you to manifest, and attract what you desire. I help you move your energy, and realise things that you already know, by offering additional polarity to your system.

It's very difficult to heal, mentally, or emotionally, without including our sexuality, because nearly everything in life, is some how connected to sex. Sexuality is not the focus of our sessions, but when it comes up it is welcome. Working with sexual energy can also speed up our physical healing.

This is the essence of how I work, and what I teach, connection with another to find connection with yourself.

To get the most from the session, I will send you some short videos, and warm up exercises, to watch before hand. Session times are approximate, and I can always find extra time, if anything major comes up, or you need additional support with integration in the days after.

A general format of working with me, which may or may not include the polarity framework from my book, is we talk at the start, and then depending on your intention, we move into the main part of the session. This can include working with trauma, dense stuck chi in the body, and sexual energy, and the cultivation of it. For clients who work with me over longer periods, the general aim is: to be able to put your hands on your body, and run orgasmic energy through it, just using your breath: learning to become multi-orgasmic, while using sexual, and Kundalini energy, to enhance your life.

Initial sessions are currently $140 (normally $180), generally, I give one session a day, and the rest of the time I dedicate to writing, workshops, and other projects.

To book, please use the calendar below.

After booking, I will email you to confirm a suitable time on that day, if we can not find one, then we simply move you to another date. 

Once confirmed, session times can be changed with 72 hours notice, with no charge. Missed sessions are not refundable, but 50% discounts granted on rebooking.

Alternatively you can email me to book. My Time zone is GMT+1 Zürich

Sometimes I don't seem to receive all emails, so if you don't hear back from me, please add me on WhatsApp or Social Media +41(0)779406586

Booking packages (series of sessions)

After the first session, many clients like to book onto a package. I normally suggested 6 sessions (60 to 90+ minutes, often with another follow up call, later the same day), and this includes, phone, text, and email support, in-between sessions, to support your integration, as needed, being reminded of, and given additional exercises. It's similar to interactive journaling, to help keep you focused, and motivated (how much you engage out of sessions, is entirely up to you). Each session is led by your input, and process.  

We book sessions in-advance, but you are then free to move them, deciding after each session.


In relation to money, I really do give you my best, I’m available outside of sessions, and work to ensure that you succeed, in the, clear, transformational, manifestation, and learning goals, that you set, after the first session. I value my work, and I am really happy to work with people, who value it too. Not everyone is ready to commit after one session, and some just can not afford it: others find, that after a few sessions they have all that they need to work deeply on themselves, and feel that I undercharged them, by paying session-by-session. So after your first session, I invite you to choose to pay with option 1 or 2. 

Although option 1 is my preference, as it allows me to do my very best for you, not everyone is ready to commit after one session, so please don't let the money stop you, if you really want to work with me. 

1. We book in six session dates, and create your list of, clear, measurable, and achievable goals, and I’m fully available to you, in various capacities, over this period, and you pay a package price of $2000 in-advance

2.  If you are not ready to commit, or simply can not afford it, it’s still better to book a package, as this is a clear investment in yourself, your subconscious sees the commit, and the mind has a timeframe to work with. This structure really helps the subconscious to create the results you desire, and allows me to invest more time into you. It’s up to to you how many sessions we book, and you can still pay session-by-session, canceling at any time. The standard price for a session is currently $140 (normally a $180). If after the end of the package, you achieved all that you where hoping for, then I’d ask you to pay the value, that you feel it is worth to you, in relation to your income, and what you can afford, using $2000 in a 6 session timeframe as a guide.

I hope this feels fair for you. I’ve learned that if I lower my price, then I need to work with more clients to sustain myself, and eventually the session quality declines, I try to be as flexible as I can be, to work with the people who really want to work with me, so within this structure, please ask for what you need.

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