Emotional Detox & Body De-armouring

Detoxifying our bodies of negative emotions is one of the kindest things that we can do for our selves.

Before birth are bodies are in pleasure and bliss. This is our natural state. As fear and trauma happens our cellular vibration moves from bliss into emotion, into pain, and into numbness (non-feeling).

Physical, mental and emotional trauma’s are all stored in the bodies tissue. When the body is unable to release trauma it can effects us in a number of ways.

An emotional detox and body de-armouring session is about reversing this process. Taking our cellular memory back to a place of love and joy, and vibrating on this level again.

Prevention is always better than cure, but if trauma in the body does start to manifest as physical, mental or emotional problems, then conventional medicine, alternative medicine, and talking therapies are only part of the answer. You still need to get the trauma out of the body.

Many people can achieve in several sessions of body de-armouring what it can take several years to accomplish in talking therapy.

In a session I help you access this trauma or pain by using a range of techniques including breathwork; trauma release; emotional release; body de-armouring; pressure points for different energy systems; chakra balancing, aura cleansing, and other tools to help you access and release old emotional pain and stuckness.

Past clients have relived, surgery, cesarean births, the physical pain of loosing their virginity, and sexual abuse. Trauma’s they had dealt with and forgiven on a mental level and trauma's that they where still coming to terms with. Some people remember events, some people just release. Women (not actively working on menstrual sublimation) have reported starting their period the next day after not having one for 6 months, and others saying period pains and negative/unbalanced emotions where alleviated. Some clients have claimed their rheumatism has been cured as-well as other physical bodily and posture pains. And many, clients have had emotional transformations, healed relationship issues with their parents and partners as well as sexual disfunction's. Some clients have used the sessions to come off medication and others said unhealthy addiction and desires just fell away. You can read stories like this and many more in the testimonials

Once we release pain, our thoughts, feelings and physical bodies change to become more aligned with who we really are and how we really feel. Our posture realigns, we find natural happiness and we can find ourselves.

First sessions are always booked as three hours and it recommend that following sessions are too. We use exercises to go deeper into emotions, and the body often needs more time to feel safe enough to deal with its deepest trauma’s and to integrate at the end. 

Session times are approximate and sometimes run over three hours.

Costs vary depending on the venue and country. See booking page for details.

If money is an issue and you really want to work with me then please do let me know and we will see what can be done.


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