Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

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In this course we apply the skills learned in Kundalini Bodywork Online, expanding our knowledge of how energetic pathways and polarities flow in the body, and how to harness this flow for healing and transformation. We learn how to work with the energy (chakra) systems and the electromagnetic field (aura) of another person while furthering our personal practice.

We learn how Kundalini Bodywork is fundamentally different to other energy work modalities such as Reiki and Pranic healing, while also learning the value of these systems and how to incorporate these into our practice.

We go beyond experiencing and understanding energetic and Kundalini Bodywork and start to develop the inner character, open heartedness, and sense of oneness needed to work with energy and Kundalini. This courses provides techniques and perspectives that we all can use to activate our Kundalini, allowing more energy to run through us.

A kundalini rising, although not the aim of this workshop, is a unique experience and the knowledge that we individually receive is the knowledge that fits us best, our DNA, karma, souls purpose and unique way of working. Workshops with the School of Energetic Bodywork are designed to prepare us for such experiences, and to expand in them once already attained.

Kundalini Bodywork consists of energetic bodywork practices, de-armouring practices and non-dual therapy. As the 3 main methods are fundamentally connected we learn them at the same time but focus more on one in each workshop. In this workshop our focus is on the energetic bodywork practices.

As well as the knowledge and training received in the course this is a time and space to discover your own knowledge with like minded people dedicated to service, love and the expansion of human consciousness.

The week is led by Elliott Saxby with the support of assistants who know and are passionate about this work.


Prerequisite is to have previously attended an intro training or to have submitted the learning reviews from Kundalini Bodywork Online If learning online is not your thing, that's okay you don't have to watch the whole course but you do have to submit the learning reviews to a satisfactory level, email for details

This allow us to focus on the actual bodywork during the training, referring people back to the online course for fundamental questions to this practice. It's very hard to fail the online course or have your application rejected but occasionally we may suggest more personal development work before attending to ensure a group container where everyone benefits.

To apply simply send us an email and lets start transforming lives, yours and others.

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Amsterdam Netherlands, November 26th to December 2nd 2021



Europe Training, March 11th to 17th 2022 venue TBC

Venue TBC (to be confirmed) due to Covid travel restrictions, suitable venue recommendations are appreciated


Tulum Mexico, May 6th to 12th 2022