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Thank you for considering my work, at your centre

I prefer to work from established therapy centres, in major cities, when traveling, like Silent Power, a beautiful space in Zürich, and Yolaya, another great space in Freiburg.

I generally source my own clients, but it’s great if you can help with advertising too.

I understand how each centre runs is unique, and I'm fairly flexible on the arrangements and prefer to create longer lasting relationships, as I build up a client base in your area.

For private sessions a commonly work on a percentage of the session price.

20% if I source the client.

30% if the client says you recommended them for the first three sessions.

All of this is flexible, but I prefer to work in this way, as it makes the risk affordable for me to start advertising in a new area, and keeps your energy engaged with the process. Generally by sharing the risk it's a win/win, with you getting paid more than if I just rented the room, and I receive new clients .

For workshops, there are so many variables it's just great to hear how you work, and what you would like to offer.

You can see pictures of spaces I've traveled to, and worked from below, and check out the gallery for workshops pictures, and the testimonial page, to get an idea of how well attended I am, and the kind of workshop participants I attract.

The video page also gives a good idea of what I do, both in private sessions and workshops.

Once again thanks for checking out this page

And I hope to hear back from you soon


With loving kindness

Elliott Saxby

A few of the locations my matts and I have visited

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