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I really want to have an energetic orgasm. Is it possible? +

Everybody is different, and the process is holistic. It’s important not to judge your self and to have desire, but not attachment. Some clients achieve pleasurable cathartic releases in one or two sessions. For others it can take longer.

In one of the ways that I run energy it means that the more evolved the Kundalini is the less we shake, as one type of shaking comes from our energy hitting blocks in the spine. Similar types of energy can be stimulated in other ways too, so the types of shaking from energy moving really varies. But the many energetic orgasm videos you can watch on Youtube (including my own) are very real and possible for most people.

If you have the desire to allow energy to run through your body in this way, and you have several sessions and follow some lifestyle advice then your chances are high. But it’s much better to come and see me as you want to release fear and trauma, heal, and be more aware of your authentic self.

My work is about healing and awakening. Having a multi-orgasmic body helps this.


Can I benefit from your work without using 'sexual' energy? +

Yes you can 🙂

My work is about transforming energy for healing and developing consciousness. It's not about feeling aroused but often sexual energy rises because we are working the lower energy centres. But this can be avoided. I have a good sense for what kind of exercises are appropriate in a session but you always give details of issues and sensitivities on the booking form or in person.

Body de-armouring is a healing and rewarding experience. Teaching clients to tap into their sexual energy is not essential and not always used. Although it can be helpful and speeds up the process. Body de-armouring will help us take away shame connected to our sexuality whether we are consciously transforming our sexual energy or not.

Sexual shame, and any other kind of shame, is a trauma and it's good to get this out of the body, but it's possible to work with sexual shame indirectly.

Talking about boundaries and intention is a central focus to my work. You and your wishes will always be respected.

To have a multiple-orgasmic, energetic body we need to be okay with feeling our sexual energy rising through our charkas and transforming. De-armouring always comes before creating an energetic body. Whether sexual energy is used in the de-armouring process is entirely your choice.


Internal yoni de-armouring and yoni massage? +

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When a client asks me I am happy to do this work and help transform pain, trauma inside the yoni (vagina).

As a first session I don’t offer yoni de-armouring or yoni-massage. It’s better to take major trauma out of the body first, and to open energetic pathways.

Many things can cause trauma in the yoni including: shame, not being touched in a loving or consensual way, hard sex, large sex toys and vibrators, child birth, gynaecology examinations, contraception devices and a host of emotional issues.

During a yoni de-armouring the whole body is included with full or partial nudity. I remain clothed the whole time.

These sessions generally feel more intimate. They are designed to replace pain, trauma and numbness with pleasure and sensitivity.

I work in different ways, depending on my clients needs. Some sessions include more gentle and sensual massage, others deep pain release and energy work. Clients who work with me regularly normally experience these sessions in different ways depending where they are at at the time.

We will always talk first and tailor the session to fit how you're feeling on the day.

Female ejaculation and release of Amrita, or Kalas (clear liquid released from the Skene’s gland) is a very healing experience. It can be experienced both with or without orgasm. I do not believe in forcing the release with pressure points as this can create new traumas. The release is encouraged using certain techniques and pressure points but always in a gentle and connected way.

When experienced with orgasm, the release of Amrita takes you to a heightened pleasurable state. Giving all of the cells in your body a new vibration and helping you to open your energetic pathways.

Occasionally it is also experienced without orgasm as a way of releasing trauma. Often when this happens the client does not know she has ejaculated until the end of the session and she feels how wet the towels are. The amount of female ejaculate varies on each release depending how the woman is feeling. It can range from several drops to almost a litre.

De-armouring the cervix inside the yoni is also a very beneficial process. Your cervix is linked to your emotional wellbeing and the connection to your heart.

When you have sex with a man and his Lingham (penis) touches your cervix this is when you deeply connect on an energetic level. A numb cervix can stop you connecting emotionally in this way and it reduces the amount of pleasure during sex and can stop orgasms. A cervix can become bent and damaged through emotional trauma, physical trauma and hard sex and the use of toys when the yoni is not fully relaxed. A bent cervix will reduce the amount of sperm that can get through and this reduces the chance of pregnancy.

During yoni de-armouring and massage sessions I’m happy to work with you on any issues that you may have. Both sexual and non-sexual. Some clients prefer to work on all of their issues with more freedom around their sexuality, be it just being naked during the session or allowing themselves to transmute and sublimate more of their sexual energy in the session with some genital touch when needed. I can teach techniques for the transmutation and sublimation of sexual energy when asked. 

Do you work with men? +

I'm happy to work with men, and would say 10 to 20% of my clients are men.

Masculine and Feminine polarity work is central to what I do. It's good to have a gender polarity in sessions but it's not essential. We are learning to allow emotions and sensations to flow through the body and this is related to being in the Feminine and in a state of surrender. Most men find this easier to accomplish with a woman. Although we are not directly working with sexual energy sometimes it comes up, as well as feelings of vulnerability. If you are are comfortable with this and feel drawn to work with me, then please do book.

Common reasons men choose to work with me:

- They have seen my style of body de-armouring, breathwork, breath therapy, trauma release, working with the energetic/emotional body and want to try.

- They have abuse related traumas and feel that they need a man to help them heal through presence and trust.

- Their partner or friends have worked with me, and they have seen the benefits.

- Wanting to learn more about their energetic/emotional body and my approach to breath work and body de-armouring

How many sessions do I need? +

Most people can benefit from one session, experience some kind of transformation and learn techniques that can help them for the rest of their lives.

If you have a lot of body armour, and trauma, then it’s best that you come more frequently at the start and then have longer gaps. This will allow your bodily pain to change to pleasure in the least amount of sessions. People with a lot of armour and/or trauma can still benefit from one or two sessions and then apply the techniques that I teach into their daily lives.

My main aim is help clients to the point where they don’t need to work with me anymore because they have developed the self-knowledge and self-love needed to change their own vibration.

Some clients like to go deeper into developing their own energetic body and learning more about self healing and how to move energy. Other reasons that some clients see me on an ongoing is:

- they like to have sessions focused on putting new vibrations into their body which supports manifestation.

- they like to be coached. They enjoy a mixture of bodywork and psychological work. Some of these clients also request email mentoring to help keep them motivated on the path of self-love and self-acceptance in the way that I teach it.

- they appreciate my non-dualistic style of talking therapy, and like to go deeper into the mental level of Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work.

- after initial body de-armouring sessions they enjoy regular shorter hands off healing sessions

I work in a variety of ways to best meet the needs of my clients. I just encourage you to ask for what you want if you think that I can help instead of creating numerous sessions and packages to choose from.

If you would like to book a session or have any questions please do get in touch.

After Dentistry and working with the jaw? +

Dentistry especially after local anaesthetic, and general day-to-day life can cause a lot of trauma and holding in the jaw. It’s really good to let this go as it can effect the whole posture of the body as well as the smile on the face. I do this work in my normal sessions when there is a need. But if you would like a shorter session only focusing on your jaw please email me and let me know. 

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