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Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

How long does it take to develop an energetic body, and can I benefit from your work without sexual energy +

Everybody is different, and the process is holistic. It’s important not to judge your self and to have desire, but not attachment.

Some clients achieve pleasurable cathartic releases in one or two sessions. For others they are happy only ever doing body de-armouring, and they find this very rewarding and healing.

In either case, the work helps to take away shame connected to our sexuality. To have an energetic body we need to be okay with feeling our sexual energy rising through our body and transforming. These are two different things and why I offer two different sessions.

In one of the ways that I run energy it means the more evolved the Kundalini is the less we shake, as one type of shaking comes from our energy hitting blocks in the spine. Similar types of energy can be stimulated in other ways too, so the types of shaking from energy moving really varies. But the many energetic orgasm videos you can watch on Youtube (including my own) are very real and possible for most people.

If you have the desire to allow energy to run through your body in this way, and you have several sessions close together then your chances are high. But it’s much better to come and see me as you want to release fear and trauma, heal, and be more aware of your authentic self.

My work is about healing and awakening.

Do you work with men? +

I don’t actively advertise for men but if a man really wants to work with me then I’m happy to.

Some men want to work with me because:

- I’m very good at body de-armouring

- They have sexual traumas and need a man to help them heal through presence and trust

- Their girlfriend of wife recommended it

In the multi-orgasmic sessions we are learning to allow emotions and sensations to flow through the body. This is related to being in a state of surrender and in the feminine. Most men find this easier to accomplish with a woman.

As the masculine and feminine polarity work is central it’s often better to also have the gender polarity between the client and the therapist.

Can you help women get pregnant? +

I’d never say that I can help a woman get pregnant. What I can do is help them align, take trauma out of the tissues, and glands connected to pregnancy and help them achieve more clarity into their subconscious which might reveal what they need to do on a psychological / spiritual level if the problem is not just physical.

An internal Yoni de-armouring can also really help, especially if the Cervix is damaged, as this can reduce how much sperm goes through.

Do you offer yoni de-armouring? +

An internal Yoni de-armouring, with or without the release of Amrita or Kalas, can be a very healing experience. I don’t offer these as first sessions. To get the full benefits you need to have taken trauma out of the body and to have opened some energetic pathways.

When a client asks me then I am happy to do this work.

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