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De-armouring Advanced One

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De-armouring is a metaphoric term that relates to taking emotional, physical and mental pain out of the body. In this course we will learn and practice various techniques to de-armour the body in a safe and non-obtrusive way to allow a greater flow of Chi to run through the body. In Kundalini Bodywork Online we learn to de-armour ourselves (self de-armouring) and in Kundalini Bodywork Advanced we learn how to clear the pathway of Kundalini in others. In this training we learn to to de-armour others using both physical and and energetic methods while also receiving this beautiful practice.

Course includes

  • Basic science and it's practical application to the work
  • Specific and major points in the body that allow more Chi to flow
  • Where, how, how long, and how hard to press and hold points on and in the body. When to include motion, how to notice energy shifting in the body, when to communicate with clients, creating a space for integration and more
  • Foundational de-armouring sequences for use with clients
  • You will be required to both give and receive this work during the training
  • Open to professional and non-professional people

When I teach, there is always a plan, but working with the wisdom that the group already contains always gives more joy, and creates a better learning environment.


Prerequisite is to have previously attended a Kundalini Bodywork Advanced training.

To register for De-armouring Advanced One simply click here and lets start transforming lives, yours and others.

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