Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

Kundalini Bodywork Community of Practice & Mentor Program

Healing, transforming and developing ourselves alone is not impossible but difficult. The key to success for most people lies in community. When people have failed in conquering goals in education, fitness, weight loss or learning a language - very often it is more to do with the people around them and how supportive their community is of their success than the actual weight regime, app or course they took. Of course good technique, methodology and teachers are important but when people undervalue or simply don’t have a supportive community to connect with online, offline and subconsciously (so while sleeping and through the astral) it’s harder to succeed.

This community of practice and mentor program is in it’s pilot stage. When signing up you’ll gain:

  • - approximately one 2 hour monthly attunement on zoom for questions, a space to share about your experience and to meditate together to deepen the energy and connection with source that we share
  • - access to a drop box folder with print outs for client consent forms to sign, exercises to uses with clients including shadow work and intention setting exercises
  • - additional access to music play lists
  • - private Facebook group to connect and arrange online and offline exchanges with people who potentially where not on your advanced course
  • - share your input on how you'd like to see Kundalini Bodywork and the School of Energetic Bodywork grow in the future, and your potential role in this

The Community of Practice and Mentor Program is for both people who want to move into this work professionally AND just for personal development to:

  • - develop more extra sensory perception
  • - improve lucid dreaming
  • - see auras clearer
  • - be multi-orgasmic aligned and connected with intuition
  • - connect with people to practice using with the polarity framework
  • - connect with people to explore shadow work
  • - practicing giving or receive energetic and de-armouring sessions over zoom

As everyone in the group has completed 'Kundalini Bodywork and De-armouring Advanced One', with access to the 'online course' you all have a shared language and connection, even if you where on different trainings. The idea is not to claim every technique, intention and practice under the umbrella of Kundalini Bodywork but for you to come and share your best teachers and practices together in this community to grow together, you intentions are personal to you but by sharing them in this community and connecting with others they have greater potential to manifest.

To sign up to the Community of Practice and Mentor Program now while it’s still in its initial pilot stage please you must have completed an advanced training and have an access code.

Please click this link to join.

If you don't have access code but are an advanced student please email support@kundalinibodywork.com for the code.

The current cost for 12 months is $360

This is $30 for each 2 hour zoom monthly attunement (+access to everything else mentioned) which includes a meditation with me connecting deeper to this energy that we all share.

The price is low as the mentorship part of the program is still in its pilot phase with documentation still being uploaded.

Group practice sessions in Kundalini Bodywork are still separate and part of the online course.