The Empath and the Narcissist

Unpublished chapters from “Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work” by @elliottsaxby “Inside every narcissist there is a suppressed empath, and in every empath a narcissist forced to balance life through ill behaviour” This post

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The healthy victim

Unpublished chapters from “Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work” by @elliottsaxby We all have the archetype or victim within us, even if it rarely comes out. So the correct question to ask is

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Spiritual health

Future dreams

Sometimes it’s good to dream big. Sometimes it’s best to keep it to yourself and others to share.Today I feel like sharing... Over the next year or two I intend

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Divine Masculine


The Mature Masculine has been rare in our world, especially in positions of power. But this is finally changing. A time where we can all celebrate Masculine energy, instead of

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Polarity & Duality: What’s the Difference?

Polarity and Duality Excerpt from the book “Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work”, by @elliottsaxby.........#bodydearmouring#energeticbodywork#kundalinirising#kundaliniawakening#selfdevelopment#sexualenergy#emotionalrelease#distanthealing#kundaliniteacher#breathworkonline#shadowwork

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Surrender & Orgasm

When a man orgasms and does not ejaculate, his energy stays in his Masculine: determined, focused and powerful. But if he ejaculates his energy will most likely switch into his

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Hand of Fatima

Happy immature lives

Happy immature lives and being single.Many couples can live relatively happy, successful lives and act mostly from their immature.A man can be very Masculine, dominant, competitive and thrive in a

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