Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

Advanced application of the Masculine & Feminine Polarity Framework

Zürich, Switzerland

Friday 5th 10:00hrs - Monday 8th February 18:00hrs

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(pre requisite: integrative embodiment, with Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work - or x number of private sessions)

In this 4 day training we learn how to use the polarity framework to guide and support others in improving their own life.

We understand, adapt, and make non-dual perspectives to counselling our own, in a way that empowers others to change their own life and find their own answers.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • several practical exercises, that you can use with clients, to support them in uncovering areas of their life that they wish to transform, and a strategy to do start doing so
  • developed a deeper understanding of Masculine and Feminine dialogue work, from a non-dual perspective, so you are able to use it effectively in a therapy setting (or simply with yourself, and friends, when attending for non-professional reasons)
  • a polarity work approach to shadow work, to apply in your own life, while helping others to do so the same
  • gained practical, and invaluable experience, of how to best combine the mental Masculine & Feminine Polarity Framework, with the integrative practices of, de-armouirng, breathwork, and energetic bodywork, for truly lasting holistic development, and change

The week is led by Elliott Saxby, with the support of assistants, who know, and are passionate about this work. To read more about Elliott, visit 

The venue is a beautiful, seminar room, 20 minutes drive from Zürich, or slightly longer with public transport, and limited to 18 places (including assistants)

Price for the 4 day workshop is CHF790 and includes, high protein, vegan, mainly organic catering: Friday, lunch & dinner; Saturday, lunch & dinner; Sunday, lunch. Intermittent fasting is encouraged over breakfast to support the work.

Mixture of accommodation at the venue, Intermittent fasting is encouraged over breakfast, or self catering, and starting from CHF50 night, possible to check in Thursday and check out Monday, with couple rooms available (you are asked to refrain from brining or eating meat or dairy during the course).

Cancellation policy:

For country boarder closures, due to a pandemic, or similar, you are granted a 100% refund (most airlines, are also currently offering this, and cheap flights)

For other cancellation reasons:

Cancellation within 1 week of booking = 100% refund with a CHF80 admin fee

Cancellation up to 8 weeks before the course = 50% refund of the workshop and 75% refund of accommodation

Cancellation after 8 weeks before the course = 20% refund

For more information, please email, or register now

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