Learn how to cultivate Chi, Prana, and life force energy

I see no difference between, spiritual energy, sexual energy, and healing energy. For real healing and other breakthroughs to take place, we need to be comfortable with, and harness our sexual energy. This work is best achieved with a gender polarity, be it physical or identified. A base of the work is recognising that we all have an inner masculine and an inner feminine.

In my early 20's, I moved to the Findhorn Foundation, an Ecovillage in Scotland, with a big Buddhist influence  After 6 years there, in 2011, I traveled to Asia studying massage and yoga. In 2017 after studying more Taoist practices, and finding ways to manage the large amount of energy in my body, I came back to bodywork professionally. Through healing my own traumas, and learning to forgive with an open heart, but without loosing a strong sense of free will and integrity, my Kundalini became active, and now stays mostly open. I feel blessed and privileged to share this experience with others who are open to it, in a helpful and transformative way.

I see waking up our emotional and energetic bodies as the next step in human evolution, and key to living in a heart-based society. I believe humanity needs to get ready for a big cultural, and evolutionary shifts, and before this can happen, we all need to learn to forgive more easily, judge-less, and love & accept ourselves more.

I have also written the book, “Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work”. I find the mental understanding conveyed, to be an essential component of this work. The book is more mainstream than my private work, and one day I hope to see it used in areas such as mental health and rehabilitation programs.

I do this work because I believe living in a world that I accept is worth fighting for, and I see a great lack of Mature Masculinity in the collective, which can only change through balance.