Cobra breath

When people say that something in life is not dangerous, I don’t really understand because life is dangerous, that’s why it’s fun and turns us on. Generally if something does not have some level of danger then there is little satisfaction or reward.
My work is not directly dangerous (unless you have a pace maker as too much chi in your heart can mess it up) but indirectly it is. It will not give you a Kundalini rising, especially at the start, because we are preparing the body to learn from and be grounded enough to deal with such experiences. There are minor issues such as decreasing cortisol, and increasing histamine, and creating too much energy in our lower centres that we become angry and overly horny until we actually deal with our old (and current) “stuff”. But for me one of the biggest issues is embarking on this journey and not listening to the energy and been unable and unwilling to change our lives.
I had one client a few years ago and after several sessions she started to study Kundalini science. Doing everything she could to increase her energy on her own initiative, from practicing pranayama naked in the sun, to flying to India and completing a yoga teacher training, to meeting Hindi Kundalini masters and modifying her diet, she did everything that would keep the Kundalini/Shakti alive, awake and strong in her body, except, for what in my mind is the most important thing: Kundalini looks into our system, sees what is not true and in alignment for us, and then it makes it obvious where we need to change.

In her normal life she was in an unhappy marriage, with children, a mortgage and a job that did not fulfil her anymore, so she was creating a continuous flow of, suppression, tension and emotion in her body that the Kundalini would use as fuel and continually burn up. She would shake throughout the day to the point that she could not work any more. Her body would move, create mudras, chant and breath in different ways, she had learned to completely surrender to the energy and let it take over her body, but she had not yet learned, or was at least was not willing to surrender to herself, to her higher self, because this would probably mean ending her marriage, leaving her kids, and, temporarily at least, being poor in a foreign country. It is completely understandable, her not choosing to follow her higher truth, to sacrifice herself in this way, because she is choosing to be a good mother, and this is so important for our society to grow, and to many the admirable choice 🙂 But Kundalini does not understand or accept such choices, it just continuously burns away miss-truth, shows us our shadow, and aligns us with the true expression of our soul, our vibration, and the gifts we are suppose to bring to this earth so that we can bring them.
I’ve learned a lot through my work, and I’m very grateful for learning to listen to my body and my higher self and to be in a position that I can take great risks. By no means do I feel complete, and I am defiantly still learning, I think the moment I stop learning I will die 🙂

In my unnamed clients case she started to channel her energy into creating amazing and beautiful art, and it seems that the creative force in her now finds an outlet amongst her tension, so maybe her journey is perfect for her soul, life is long and we never know what might happen.

For me this example shows the biggest danger in opening up our Kundalini: it’s powerful and it might ask us to change our life, and if our system is not ready we are likely to suffer. My work focuses on the getting ready part of this journey, getting humanity ready.

One reason that I still give long 2 to 3 hours sessions is sometimes people need deep integration time to stop them falling into dark holes after a session, especially when the balance between pleasure and pain is not balanced in the session.

Next time I teach, practice with people is this April in Switzerland, one week residential course. Please DM me if your interested in this or future events and trainings.

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Cobra breath
Kundalini is dangerous

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