Feminine power

Why we want what we can not have… and how to have it!

For men or the masculine principle the desire is to be so attracted to the feminine, to beauty and to life, that all we can do is surrender. Surrender our seed for her children, our money for her life, and our time for her happiness. Sex sells because men and the masculine want to be seduced.
But when the masculine surrenders in this way he dies the proverbial death, the poles change at the point of peak orgasm and the man becomes feminine and the woman masculine. Rarely are either truly happy in this moment, these orgasms release chemicals in the brain that give us temporary happiness but deep down both parties know that sex should not end like this, it should not end in peak orgasm followed by unconsciousness.
If man and woman are to evolve, sex needs to evolve.

The reason why so many men become addicted to porn or choose to give their money to beautiful women who seduce them is because they crave escape, they do not understand duality well enough to harness and use their power so they surrender it to the Feminine who takes their energy and transmutes it as she chooses.
Many men are unconscious to what’s going on, they don’t understand how they lost their power and they want it back, and many are even oblivious to the power they had in the first place or what it is. They spend most of their time going through life asleep, with a low level of consciousness and a dense vibration.

For the Feminine, she wants to stay in her Feminine, she likes, loves and enjoys her Shakti nature, but she also wants to sublimate the mans energy, his power.
In one hand she wants to metaphorically kill him, taking his power and ridding the world of weakness, to take the Sun from his eyes and give him a son or a daughter (moon). Great sexual excitement comes from these often unconscious primordial survival beliefs and programs.
And in the other hand she wants him to be a source of unlimited power and love, one which she can always draw from. The sun that shines on the moon 🌓 and reflects life.

To change we need to become more honest with ourselves, understand what drives our sexual desires and when and where we need to apply resistance. Sex needs to be fun so how we apply resistance might keep changing but men and the masculine in all of us needs to learn how to hold power and sexual seed during orgasm, and women and the feminine in all of us need to learn how not to pull it, how not to kill every man taken to bed, and how to sublimate and transmute sexual energy.

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Feminine power
sublimation of sexual energy



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