How to make our external reality reflect us.

For many people when we find something that truly helps us, heals us, makes us happy and our life abundant, we want to share it, but also we don’t want to loose it. So many dedicate their life to maintaining their state of health, happiness and abundance by becoming healers, yoga teachers, breathwork therapists, life coaches, bodyworkers, personal trainers or they create those super annoying Instagram posts about how their making millions with a laptop while traveling the world and living in 5 star hotels and will teach you to do the same…. (grrr!!) None of this is neccacirly “bad” and I’m guilty of some it myself, but why so many people fail or feel like they are being sold false hope is that people are being taught to focus more on personal transformation and less/not enough on planetary transformation.

Yes the world is a reflection of us but we are also a reflection of the world.

We have to work on changing the world while we change ourselves otherwise their is no harmony, our vibration rises but then comes back down because the systems that govern us support a society driven by fear, greed and personal ownership NOT love. Our environment is unable to support the level we are at so we devolve and often fall back into old patterns and shadows, becoming, doing and supporting what we reject about our society and culture.
Too many people still work in soul destroying jobs that are not aligned to who they are, and due to lack of money they’re eating foods not right for them and relying on medical care that hurts them, even though they have the knowledge and heart ready for a much more beautiful world.

This is not to say that using the law of attraction to create a life of abundance does not work, it can and does 🙂 but we need to acknowledge that working with the law of attraction in our current models of society means it comes with an underlying tone of unhealthy competition, we could say that competition is the pink elephant 🐘 in the room when we apply the law of attraction into a capitalistic system. If it was not then there simply would not be so much poverty and suffering in the world.
Once we acknowledge this about the law of attraction we can start to manifest in a way that better supports the big evolutionary shift society needs to be getting ready for.

I think for many, our souls are calling to live and work in a way that we have more time for ourselves and for each other. Time to breath, stretch, be coached and taught and to coach and teach. Loneliness does come from being alone but in having a gift or love to give with no outlet (an old philosopher said this but I can not remember who). I feel very privileged to have had the time to write a book, and I’m so happy when people send me pictures of themselves reading it like the one in is post. It covers many topics including how to use the laws of polarity and duality with the law of attraction to create sustained and balanced growth with our environment and how to support mature masculine AND feminine leadership in the structures that govern us.

If you read it or not, I really hope this post inspires you to ask:

– how does my use of the law of attraction effect the collective?
– where does it support unhealthy competition?
– where does it push others into poverty and lack?

Not easy questions but once we each solve these questions inside of ourselves (if we have not already) then our use of the law of attraction will create a beautiful world for all.


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