energy orgasm

Some people think videos of my work are scary or unnatural. I publish so many to remove any doubt that my work is real, and to show how powerful subtle energy is. Once we know and understand this and start to apply it elsewhere in our life, through how we interact with others, the thoughts and intentions we send out, our life really changes.

When we feel pleasure we make sound, we don’t consciously think this ice cream tastes good so I better say “mmmmmm”, or that: my god this is a good massage I better throw in a few “mmmm’s & ahhh’s”. Having an orgasm during sex or self pleasuring is the same, and the more we allow our bodies to make sound and to move the more we feel and the more we enjoy it. We surrender to our bodies, to our pleasure, to our pain and to our emotions, in this sense having an orgasm is just fully say yes to life, to our partner and to ourselves, whatever the consequences.

What moves our body is the emotions and energy in our body. When you have an orgasm it’s not the Yoni or Lingham moving the body and making your toes curl, it’s the emotions and the energy stored in these parts of our body. Our desires and our suppression.

Nearly, if not all of us are capable of huge orgasmic potential with off body touch, it is just energy and emotion triggering energy and emotion, which makes just as much if not more sense than the organs of our body, triggering emotions and energy, because this is just wear we store the emotions.
Desires, suppression, and shadow work is key in this process, as is working with pain in the same way we work with pleasure.

Most of my videos show bodily movements but this is not the case and does not need to be the case for all people, building and experiencing a multi-orgasmic body can be different for everyone. What is important is to know that we are being authentic and true to ourselves in these moments as this creates liberation.

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energy orgasm
Building a multi-orgasmic body

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