sexual shamanic healing

Some of my clients in the last two weeks have included,
– Panic attacks
– Lung infection
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Frozen shoulder

It’s great to see more and more people realising that (most) illnesses stems from suppressed emotions in the body and by learning to move sexual/orgasmic energy through our bodies in the correct way we can reset our genetic imprint, our DNA.

  • Panic attack feedback – “felt great the last few days and will come back”
  • Frozen shoulder feedback – “after 6 months of physiotherapy that made it worse and talking to a psychologist after one session with you I have 10 to 20% mobility back” (she’s already had a second session since)
  • Lung infection feedback – still waiting
  • MS feedback – “feel amazing and so grounded can not wait for the next session”

These are shortened versions of their feedback, but lots of great written and video testimonials are on the website.

I really believe in the future we will have more sexual shamanic healers than Doctors. And that health care will be about nutrition, exercise and our sexuality.

I feel very grateful and honoured to do the work I do and to teach it. It is not healing in the traditional sense but helping people to heal themselves by understanding what is making them unwell and then transforming this energy.

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Quote “Paramahansa Yogananda”

sexual shamanic healing
Using sexual energy to heal

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