Consciousness expresses itself through our DNA.
The first step in becoming conscious of this is clearing out our trauma. Then our past conditioning: parental, cultural, and any other dogma or indoctrination that we are not consciously saying yes too.

Becoming comfortable with our sexual energy and learning to harness it is completely essential and key.

After this whatever energy, consciousness, E.T’s, higher dimensional energy, ascended masters, angels, demons or guides that we channel or information that we download, is and can only be expressed through the signature of our DNA, and this signature is as much about astrological and starseed influence as it is about if we have a Roman toe or Greek nose.

As we clear out our DNA and become a clean vessel for consciousness and higher dimensional energies, their expressions will always change because of our uniqueness, because of our DNA. In becoming Spiritually attuned to subtler energies we come to know that we are all of the energies that our bodies channel and non of them, that we are and we are not our mind/mind-body, but we are conscious awareness experiencing its self from a state of limited experience, from separation.
The universe and consciousness expands because of our sense of separateness, because of our egos.
In loving ourselves, healing our traumas and removing all of the unhelpful conditioning we allow consciousness and the universe to expand.


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Universal consciousness


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