Kundalini rising

If you want to make your Kundalini rise, ask:

  • What am I afraid of?
  • Who have I not forgiven?
  • Why have I not forgiven?
  • What stops me from truly loving and wishing the best for others?
  • What is left in my shadow that I desire but reject? (This often brings up sexual and abusive fantasies when we are really honest with ourselves)
  • How can I stop competing and trying to win in life?

Much like Feminine energy and the female orgasm, when we let go of our goal, judgmentalness and accept everything: magic happens.
But this can only happen when Masculine energy is present. The immature Masculine is not capable of sustaining this place of interconnectedness, so we have to be willing to look at our own shadow to evolve the immature Masculine to the Mature. Kundalini energy in the body can feel orgasmic but it will also amplify all the places where we are not being authentic, forcing us to wake up to a higher level or to be consumed by our dark side until next time we are brave enough to look again, until the next time our Kundalini rises.

Energetic bodywork, as I practice it, is about oneness, about unity. It is yoga in its true essence, to experience the mergence with another, with ourselves and with God and the divine all as the same thing.

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Kundalini rising
To make your Kundalini rise ask


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