5th dimension

Different people and schools will describe dimensions in different ways. In this book, we apply a physics perspective to the dimensions 3D, 4D, and 5D. More esoteric perspectives show twelve dimensions of consciousness, acting as a continuous cycle of separation leading back to oneness. Quantum physics has similar descriptions. But in practical day-to-day terms it’s much easier to work with three.
Our physical body is 3rd dimensional = Always in the present moment
Our mental body is of the 4th dimension = In linear time
Our emotional body is 5th dimensional = Beyond space and time

As we understand reality through dimensions, the most important thing to remember is that each one of us is the centre and creator of our own universe. Inviting in the consciousness of others and their personal universe to our own, to inspire and learn from each other. Creating a relationship with another is like creating a shared universe: a shared playing field. We can never totally understand someone because to us, in our universe, they can only be a mirror for ourselves. So any judgements we take on towards them following, the laws of attraction and resistance, have to also be judgements onto ourselves. No matter how far we feel we have evolved or expanded our consciousness, all our experiences and perspectives come back to, and are translated with our linear 4D understanding, our understanding of time, totally governed and ruled by the laws of polarity and duality, attraction and vibration.

Parallel to our 4th dimensional reality, is our dream world and the astral world. Linear time as a 4th dimensional concept is of the mind. Time is real because the mind is real, we need a linear reference to experience reality, but it is only a partial truth. In the same way that our dreams are real because our mind is real, our mind makes up our dreams in a similar way to how it makes up time. The difference between the astral and the dream world is that:
Our dreams come from our own life experience, and are an expression of our separate self. When we dream we are locked in separation and limited by our own life experiences, what our mind knows and understands through our personal history.
The astral is like dreaming with the collective consciousness, we are not alone in the astral and our experiences are not only shaped by our mind but by our fully integrated self as it expresses in relationship with others. The more of an emotional understanding of reality we have, the more of a 5th dimensional understanding we have. The more alignment we have between our physical, mental and emotional bodies, the more lucid we can become in our dreams and in the astral. A fundamental difference between esoteric paths is that they will either try to ‘transcend’ the illusion, moving back to a place of oneness, back to being at one with God, or aspire to physically waking up in the illusion: to become conscious of all that is from our sense of separate self. These schools believe that if we wake up in the illusion, as we do when we we lucid dream, that we will have the power to create and shape waking reality in the same way that we create and shape our dreams.

Excerpts from the book Masculine & Feminine Polarity work by @elliottsaxby

5th dimension
Abstractions of consciousness

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