Divine Masculine

The Mature Masculine has been rare in our world, especially in positions of power. But this is finally changing. A time where we can all celebrate Masculine energy, instead of being fearful of it, has begun. Feeling guilt for being a man or being Masculine, or having hate towards men and Masculine traits, will only slow this process down. As does being a woman and trying to balance power by acting from the Masculine. It’s not the gender that is important in this dynamic. If a woman feels her Feminine is marginalised and she fights it in the old style of feminism, by being more Masculine, this actually reduces her femininity and supports the dominance of the immature Masculine. The ‘fight’ actually has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. It just feels that way because of how the predominant traits manifest through gender: men are naturally conditioned to be more Masculine and women more naturally conditioned to be more Feminine, so in an immature society, men have more power. We must realise this was never a war about gender, but it is the nature and dynamic of the immature Masculine to create separation and suppress others, to have power over others. This dynamic is in all of us. And until we accept it within ourselves, we cannot make it healthy within ourselves, we cannot transform it or make it healthy in the greater whole. It’s the Mature Feminine that needs to act the most in this scenario, and in doing so, she will create the rise of the Mature Masculine. It’s not to say that what has happened in our recent history about gender and equal rights has been wrong. It has been the process of change that needed to occur. In certain parts of the world, this old style of Feminism is still drastically needed as a pattern of change. It’s not to say that there is not a better way to act in these parts of the world, but when so much repression of the Feminine is happening, it means that the immature Masculine in both men and women are likely to fight. And in the short term, it’s the immature Masculine in the woman that needs to win for the good of all

From the “Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work”,

by @elliottsaxby

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Quote, “Osho”

Divine Masculine
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