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“There are never two people in a relationship, there are always four – your inner Masculine and Feminine, and their inner Masculine and Feminine.
Society and mainstream media, often teaches us that we are incomplete. That as a Feminine Heterosexual woman we need to find a Masculine Heterosexual man, A.K.A, our other half.
Or the other way round if we are a man. We come together to make one whole person. In these kinds of relationships we unconsciously sacrifice a part of ourselves and one of our greatest opportunities for growth and self-development.
We need to acknowledge that we already are a whole person. And when we find someone that we want to be with we come together as two complete people to make a greater whole.
For most people, we are attracted to our opposite. Someone who is similar to and matches our inner Masculine or Feminine. So a Masculine man will be attracted to a Feminine woman who feels like his own inner Feminine. And a Feminine woman will be attracted to a Masculine man who feels like her own inner Masculine.
The law of attraction is always working with the law of polarity…” Excerpt From: Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work
By Elliott Saxby


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divine feminine
divine feminine masculine

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