Body de-armouring

This video is of Body De-armouring and Energetic Bodywork with multiple clients. Thank you to everyone who agreed to be in it 🙂

We release old trauma and emotional and mental patterns in different ways on different days, and this is how it should be otherwise we get can stuck in a pattern.

We might release through pleasure or pain. Feel emotions, cry or get angry. Our body might shake and move. We might feel nothing at all, or just a warm tingle in our spine. Some people find their body shaking in the first session. For others it comes after a few de-armouring sessions. For some it never happens. Shaking is a side effect, it’s not the aim. Some people come to repair energetic pathways and to feel their body more fully. It’s always best to come with no expectations. I hope this video gives you an idea of what happens in a session.

Music: Mul Mantra by Snatam Kaur


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