The Law of attraction, the law of duality, and how to navigate them?

Life is a paradox, full of conflicting truths, but every moment is a choice and everything in this reality comes down to

  • the law of duality,
  • the law of attraction,
  • and how the acceptance of oneness and the realisation that we are love changes our relationship to free will within these two universal laws

Life is both dark and light, day and night, masculine and feminine, hot and cold.

Life is full of polarities and this is the universal law of duality.

We also live in a vibrational universe governed by the law of attraction that says ‘like attracts like’. What we put our attention onto we attract more of.

Likewise if, you’ve been abused and don’t heal it you will attract more abuse into your life, because this is what you vibrate on and think about, especially if you have not forgiven yourself or others.

If you’ve always been loved and had lots of money you are likely to attract more love and money as this is what you expect. We generally get what we expect.

The missing piece for many people is realising how our actions in relation to attraction and duality unconsciously effect the world around us and the lives of others.

The world is full of duality and polarity, it’s how we move things forward and create life. BUT good and bad are judgements, they are not part of duality. Dark is not bad, light is not good, Masculine is not good Feminine is not bad. As a human being we have both dark and light, Masculine and Feminine (this is nothing to do with gender). We are creators, we use our free will to dance through the polarity of life. We create the chaos and order while we dance in it.

To use the law of attraction effectively we must be coming from the understanding that we are one.

A really useful way of doing this is imagining that you will have to be everyone you ever meet. A more accurate but less powerful way of understanding this is realising that every experience you partake in or give energy or money to (money is energy), will one day reflect back into your reality.

From the perspective of oneness we need to realise that we are love. When we forget this there is an absence of love which is experienced as fear. But fear is not a real thing it’s our ego trying to make us forgot what we really are so that we can feel separate from the rest of the world. It’s that paradox that keeps us all here again, duality is, and duality is not. Both must be true for our reality to exist.

The ego (in the sense of a personality) is a really powerful tool, it allows us to have a sense of separation from each other and this allows us all to live in our dualist reality, feeling separate. For a person who is waking up and realising that they are not their ego, then the ego is great. Enjoy having one, develop it, make it fun, it is fundamental to the kind of experience we all share. Enlightened, unconscious or somewhere in the middle.

By healing our traumas we become aware of greater truths and feel more connected to each other and the greater whole. It’s having the experience of these truths that changes us.

We can read about, write about, talk about, make movies and you tube channels about it, and write songs about it (and we should do all of these things) but to truly understand it, it’s something we need to experience. We need to experience life without Trauma in our body. We need to experience life with a healthy ego, from a place of love and a knowing of oneness. 

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